John King, the chief national correspondent at Washington DC-based CNN, divorced with second wife Dana Bash without revealing a hint behind the cause. The end of the 8-year-long marriage of King and Bash has shocked many.

John King received his school education from Boston Latin School. King, who had the passion for journalism from a young age, graduated from the Harrington School of Communication with the journalism degree. Later, he studied a special media course at the University of Rhode Island to become perfect in his desired field.

After completing his education, King started his career as a writer at the Associate Press in 1985. During his professional tenure, he has covered mostly the political affairs.

For his dedication to the profession, he was honored for covering the Gulf war in Kuwait. Moreover, he is counted as one of the most promising journalists in the TV world.

Experiencing prior divorce hasn’t helped John King to sustain into marital bond with his second wife

Both John and Dana had been previously married. Political commentator, King was married to Jean Makie before Dana came into his life. He shares two children, a son Noah, and a daughter Hannah with his first partner.

John married his co-worker Dana Bash after dating for a year in 2008 in Cape Cod. Dana Bash is a senior political correspondent at CNN. The marital paradise became more blissful when they welcomed their first child, a son Johan King in 2011.

John, who was born as Roman Catholic, changed to Judaism prior to marriage.

Enjoying the romantic marital bond together for some 4 years, the pair decided to separate in 2012. However, separating from each other, they co-parented their child together. They legally divorced after three years of separation.

Talking about Dana, the American journalist was married to Jeremy Bash, a Managing Director at Beacon Global Strategies LLC, before marrying John King. Her marriage with Bash ended in 2007.

Having experienced unsuccessful marriages in the past, both John and Dana has once again failed to continue the marital bond, inviting divorce for the second time in each of their lives.

Nobody knew the actual reason for divorce. There are diverse perspectives from different sources on the matter.

Some sources uncovered that the reason behind their detachment was their career and work at CNN. Both were successful and renowned anchors, so competition between one another drove both of them to the dead end of their relation.

Some other claim that the reason behind divorce was the relationship of John with another woman from CNN which is yet to be confirmed.

John King and Dana Bash, who have been separated for almost 4 years and divorced for a year, are still working together at CNN.