Renée Estevez came to the industry as an actress in 1986. Moreover, she started her career in the TV movie Shattered Spirits. The following year, she appeared in the cult-classic Lethal Weapon 1987.

Estevez is also related to many big names in Hollywood. Furthermore, she is related to Charlie Sheen. Likewise, her other siblings also work as an actor. Renée prefers to lead her life away from the spotlight despite the fame and fortune she’s gained.

How Old is Renée Estevez? Learn about Estevez’s Age and Bio

Renée Estevez is currently fifty-five years old as of 2022. Likewise, Renée was born on April 2nd, 1967. What’s more, the actress from Lethal Weapon was born in New York, USA, to her parents. As such, Estevez holds an American nationality.

Renée Estevez wearing a blue blazer
Renée Estevez wearing a blue blazer. Source: Pinterest

Estevez comes from a white ethnic background. Furthermore, the American-born actress comes from a rich ancestry in Galicia and Ireland. Besides, Renée was born to Martin Sheen and Janet Sheen, née Templeton. Likewise, both worked in the entertainment industry.

Renée grew up with three siblings in the family. And like her parents, all of her siblings joined the industry. Likewise, the names of her siblings are Ramon Estevez, Emilio Estevez, and Charlie Sheen.

Estevez keeps most of her early life away from the media. Unlike her siblings, she prefers to lead a life away from the focus. And so, much of Renée’s early days stay completely unknown to the fas.

Height of Renée

Renée is an attractive woman. And as such, she stands at five feet and six inches. Likewise, Estevez stands at 1.69 meters. Moreover, Estevez holds natural blond hair. Similarly, the actress has nice cool blue eyes.

Was Renée Estevez Married?

Yes, Renée Estevez was married once in the past. Moreover, she tied the knot to her long-time boyfriend. Sadly, Renée and her husband later ended their marriage.

Renée Estevez was with her family
Renée Estevez was with her family. Source: Pinterest

On October 11th, 1997, Estevez and Jason Thomas Federico exchanged their vows. What’s more, the former couple married in Church of Our lady of the Scapular in New York. Besides, the couple held a Catholic wedding with their loved ones.

Steve Schirripa, married for over three decades?

Renée and her husband were married for over a decade before their divorce. However, the celebrity husband and wife did not welcome any children in their life. Besides, the couple focused more on their careers rather than welcoming kids.

How rich is Renée Estevez? Net worth and Salary of Renée

Renée Estevez holds immense wealth, earning from her career and divorce alimony. As of 2022, Renée holds an estimated net worth of $3 million. Please keep reading to find out more about Estevez’s wealth.

Renée Estevez was smiling at the camera
Renée Estevez was smiling at the camera. Source: Pinterest

As an actress, Estevez earned thousands of dollars per project. Moreover, she used to make around $400k annually during her prime. However, Renée retired back in 2015. And so, she’s currently living from her savings.

Although Renée appeared in many films and TV shows, she never truly gained a leading role. Furthermore, most of her appearances remained small parts. Nevertheless, Estevez started a career in acting back in 1986. And finally, Renée’s career as an actress ended in 2015. So far, she hasn’t tried to make a comeback.

Renée’s ex-husband, on the other hand, earned millions of dollars from his career as a golfer. Besides, Jason Thomas Federico holds an approximated net worth of $5 million. What’s more, a Golder earns millions of dollars a year. Likewise, the starting point of a golf player starts at $70k.

Despite the glam and the fame, Estevez enjoys her life away from the limelight. Similarly, the actress keeps most of her assets to herself. And as such, the details regarding houses, cars, or any other real estate properties owned by Renée stay hidden from the world.

Online Presence

Although we can find Renée Estevez on Instagram, her account is private. Renée seems to enjoy her life away from the public eye. As such, she remains elusive to the world.

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