Rudi Bakhtiar, a noticeable journalist of American journalism universe, is believed to have gained dazzling net worth and salary amount. However, her real net worth figure is not published yet. Rudi has never been married to anyone and is single at present.

Rudi became associated with CNN network in 1996. Initially, she held various positions in the channel during the nine years long tenure. Finally, she landed as an anchor of the news show ‘CNN Headline News Tonight’ with which she rose to fame. 


In addition, Rudi appearance on shows of CNN like ‘CNN Newsroom’ and ‘Anderson Cooper 360’ helped to garner huge public attention. 

During the time Rudi was serving CNN channel, she covered reports from numerous countries like Iran, South Africa, Israel, and Rwanda. She also covered the 11th September 2001 terrorist attacks. 

Despite the rapidly growing career at CNN, Rudi had to exit from the network to take care of her dad who was suffering from oropharyngeal cancer. 

Rudi began a new journey in January 2006 by joining FOX News Channel. She joined the network filling in as a general correspondent where she provided details regarding numerous international news stories like ‘Ahmadinejad-al-Maliki summit’ and trial and execution of ‘Saddam Hussein’.

The following year, Rudi’s agreement with FOX News was ended as she filed a sexual harassment case against the channel.


After ending professional venture with FOX News, Rudi changed her way from media and began holding the obligation as Director of Public Relations for ‘Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans’.

Subsequent to working a few years there, she produced and delivered mini-documentaries called ‘Profile of Iranian Americans’. The documentary mainly concentrated on the lives of the successful Iranian Americans. 


Rudi must have gathered a huge measure of net worth and salary amount from working at the top news channels like CNN and Fox News.

Although the true figure of her net worth and salary have not been revealed yet, it is believed that Rudi Bakhtiar has bagged a huge sum of money. However, Rudi Bakhtiar has no one to pass on her fortune to as she is unmarried and single till date.