Priscilla Esterline was known for being related to a celebrity. Her ex-husband is a famous musician. Besides, she is the first wife of the musician.

Priscilla’s husband, John Mellencamp, is an American musician. Esterline was John’s first wife. In addition, the couple has a daughter named Michelle Mellencamp.

When was Priscilla Esterline born?

Priscilla Esterline was born on November 1, 1954. She was born in Tecumseh, Michigan. Besides her parents’ were La Vern Creger (father) and Arvilla Covell Creger (mother).

A picture of Priscilla Esterline
A picture of Priscilla Esterline
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Esterline grew up with a brother and a sister. However, their identities are unknown. In addition, Priscilla grew up in a Christian household.

While her husband is a celebrity, Esterline chooses to stay away from the spotlight. Very little information is available on her. Sadly Priscilla passed away on September 8, 2012.

Priscilla Esterline and John Mellencamp

Priscilla Esterline and John started dating before John became famous. Hence, very little information is available on the couple’s relationship. In addition, the couple knew each other from a young age.

Priscilla and John holding hands
Priscilla and John holding hands
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Esterline and Mellencamp tied the knot in 1970. In addition, their daughter was born in the same year. The couple was married for a decade before divorcing in 1981.

Is Crissy Henderson married?

Priscilla remained single after the divorce. However, John married an American star, Victoria Granucci, in 1981. However, the couple parted ways in 1989. Mellencamp then married model Elaine Irwin in 1992. But again, the couple divorced in 2011.

John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp is also known as Johnny Cougar, John Cougar, and John Cougar Mellencamp. However, the musician was born John J. Mellencamp. Mellencamp was born on October 7, 1951, in Seymour, Indiana.

John Mellencamp posing for a picture
John Mellencamp posing for a picture
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Mellencamp rose to fame in 1980 with his songs Hurts So Good, Jack & Diane and Pink Houses. Furthermore, he holds the record for the most tracks by a solo artist to hit number one on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. In addition, he has Top 40 hits in the United States.

Despite being 70 years old, John is still not retired. On January 21, 2022, he released his 24th studio album, Strictly a One-Eyed Jack. The singer, Johnny Cougar, isn’t planning on retiring any time soon.

Priscilla Esterline’s net worth

It is unclear what Priscilla Esterline did for a living. After her divorce, she probably started working to make ends meet. In addition, her ex-husband also financially supported her to some extent.

Priscilla Esterline's ex-husband John Mellencamp was taking a walk
John Mellencamp taking a walk
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As of 2022, John Mellencamp’s net worth is $30 million. He made his millions through album sales. In addition, John also went on several tours at the peak of his career.

Mellencamp also paid divorce settlements and child support to his es-wives. However, the amount paid by John is unknown. The singer also spent a lot of money on drugs and alcohol.

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