The Ryder cup has had its fair share of astonishing games in the past, games that will remain in the hearts of the fans for ages. The collection of some of the most astonishing games welcomed a new member after a thrilling encounter between Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia.

Ryder cup has played host to Jacklin vs. Nicklaus (1969), Faldo vs. Strange (1995) and Mickelson vs. Rose (2012). But none of this matches come close to matching the titanic battle between Phil and Sergio.

The morning of Sunday, October 2nd belonged to Patrick Reed and Rory McIIory. But soon after the duo completed their session another duo entered, Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia. The game, however, was divided into two parts but it would be unfair to say it wasn’t a cracker of a contest.

Sergio Garcia, who was disappointed amongst the two after the epic match said, “I was out there to get a point, not a half point”.

Phil Mickelson, on the other hand, seemed pleased with his performance and with the way the day pan out to be. “It was a fun day, probably fitting end”.

There was nothing to be ashamed and disappointed about. It was a Golf classic and both players contributed in making it one of the memorable games of all time. The cruel nature of the game shall only decide the winner and the looser, but from a neutrals point of view, both deserved to be called winners.

The game beyond anything will be remembered as the game where Birdies were coming from all over the pitch. The duos contributed in a total of 19 Birdies in the game. Besides that, the pair also had a combined score of 58.

In the process of contributing to the total of 19 Birdies, Phil Mickelson hit 10 Birdies and one bogey, whereas Sergio Garcia assembled a total of 9 Birdies without a single Bogey.

Sergio Garcia was one of two members from the European camp not to make a Bogey on Sunday.

Besides contributing in making his tie with Sergio Garcia an epic, Phil Mickelson’s performance also helped his American side to claim the Ryder Cup trophy after a long time. Team USA’s win puts an end to the Europeans dominance.

Besides Mickelson’s effort, his teammates Brandt Snedeker and surprise addition Ryan Moore also played a major role in ending the European dominance.