Pawn Stars is a much loved show on History, which has just finished airing its 15th season on March 5, 2018.

The show chronicles the activities on Rick Harrison’s shop, World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas.

However, if the Harrison family was not assisted by experts from time to time, they would get scammed a lot.

Here are some of the experts viewers get to see in Pawn Stars who save the day every now and then.

Daniel Wulkan:

Daniel Wulkan is the expert of memorabilia related to sports like cards, autographs, documents, contracts and signed cancelled checks.

Wulkan, who works for Memory Lane, Inc., has appeared in multiple episodes of Pawn Stars.

David A Lieberman:

The CEO and owner of CineMasterpieces, David, has been buying and selling vintage posters pretty much his entire life.

The expert has a high profile clientele which includes celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt and Hugh Jackman.

Jesse Amoroso:

Amoroso is the owner of the vintage guitar shop, Cowtown Guitars, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The vintage guitar expert also owns a vintage clothing boutique with his wife, Roxie Amoroso.

Alex Cranmer:

Cranmer is the president of International Military Antiques, Inc. which provides military antiques to Hollywood movies.

He is an expert on firearms and military collectibles from 1600s to World War II.

Jeremy Brown:

Brown is the owner of the sports memorabilia shop, Ultimate Sports Cards and Memorabilia, in Las Vegas.

The “Sports Buddy” of the Pawn Stars since 2010, Brown, also owns a huge inventory of vintage and modern cards.