Paul Zahn divorced husband Richard Cohen after two decades of their marriage. Their divorce created many tell tales, of which some were just allegations. Here’s a little peek into real reasons behind the end of their long-time relationship.

Paul Zahn was accused of having extra-marital affair with her husband’s best friend

Paula Zahn got married to the real estate tycoon, Richard Cohen in 1997. In between two decades of their marriage, they were blessed with three children– two sons: Austin Bryce Cohen and Jared Brandon Cohen and a daughter, Haley Cohen.

Paula Zahn with husband and children

Paula announced that they had decided to divorce in April 2007. The news was disgraced by tabloid media calling their divorce a result of Paula’s affair. Rumors suggested that Paula was seeing Paul Fribourg, the CEO of ContiGroup and one of Richard’s best friends.

Some sources have reported that Richard found a diary of Paula, where she had written about her love interest towards Fribourg. The scandal could not really sustain itself outside the tabloid world.

Reasons behind Paula Zahn and Richard Cohen’s divorce

Paula Zahn revealed that she was divorcing Richard because he had mismanaged her 20 years’ of earnings. She filed a case against Cohen for that matter but it was put off by the New York state Court stating “It’s not a commercial case, rather it is a matrimonial dispute masquerading as a commercial dispute.”

 Paula Zahn with husband Richard Cohen

Paula Zahn was silenced by the decision of the court. But the recent news of her then husband gives us a hint that she was living a torturous life with him. Richard was accused of getting addicted to the dating site by former Miss USA, Julie Hayek in 2011.

Julie has stated that she fell for Cohen and had even started thinking of spending her life with him. On their first date, Cohen showed his love towards her and said, “You better go home and call your mom tonight and tell her you’ve met the man you’re going to marry.”

Paula Zahn's ex-husband Richard Cohen and Julie Hayek dated for a short time, meeting through the online dating site

But who knew? He was just playing the game of dating and dumping. Julie said that he never contacted her that day onwards. Later, she found that he was logging onto the dating site with the username Flyboyny5987 for hours. Same accusations to Cohen came from an interior designer, Nanjoo Joung, who told the story to Page Six. There are chances the same thing happened to Paula, after all, habits are not habituated all of a sudden.

Did Paula choose not to speak about this? Whatever it might be. Now, it seems like she doesn’t share any kind of relationship with Richard. Paula has become very secretive about her personal life. Presumably, she has not dated anyone after divorce. She is single at present.