In the sixties, Paula Zahn and her flawless looks suggest that she might have undergone plastic surgery. Over the years, she hasn’t only presented the national and international news on TV. Still, she has also helped people with cancer overcome the toughest phase of life by generating awareness through her shows. 

You might be wondering what led her to be a cancer advocate. Here’s her heart-wrenching story of her, which inspired her too aware people about the possible treatments for cancer and ways to cope with it.

Has Paula Zahn had plastic surgery?

Rumor has it; Paula Zahn took the help of plastic surgery to appear perfect on screen. If you choose a profession that requires facing the camera lenses every day, you need to have the glamour in you. A few plastic surgeries wouldn’t hurt, for that matter.

Paula Zahn pics

We do not doubt Paula, but the beauty that she carries at sixty-one makes us rethink the rumors. There is no authentic information about the types of surgeries she opted but comparing her old and new photos hints that she might have undergone age-defying treatments like facelift and Botox.

Paula Zahn is wearing a black suit-pant and blue shirt which is bringing up the smart look in her.

Very few people may be aware of Paula’s interest in modeling. Paula, one of the influential news reporters, has participated in various beauty pageants. She had made her journey up to the semi-finals of the Miss Teenage America pageant in 1973.

Her simple short hairstyle, elegant hair color, the height of 5 feet 9 inches, and slim and well-maintained body make her one of the glamorous ladies in the American news industry. 

What is the real reason behind Paula Zahn’s divorce from her husband of 20 years?

Zahn worked as a cancer advocate for years.

Paula was 28 years old and had just begun her career on television when the shadow of cancer darkened her family. In a few months, her four family members were diagnosed with cancer; her father, mother, aunt, and sister-in-law. At an age when all her friends and colleagues were living their life to the fullest, she was busy taking care of her family members.

Paula Zahn looks beautiful in her black dress, she is giving a smile to the camera.

While commuting from house to hospital, her father, aunt and sister-in-law passed away. Both her maternal and paternal grandmother died of cancer. But, her mother is two times breast cancer survivor. She addresses her mom as ‘the strong woman, who battled against two types of breast cancer 13 years apart.’ Zahn cannot express her pleasure to see the cured stamp in her mother’s file in words.

After dealing with cancer so closely, Paula decided to use her platform to make people aware of cancer and cancer-related issues. Her trial has been successful in making an impact on people’s lives. When we know, her passion for aware people came from her love for her family. We respect Paula even more.