Oliver Pocher is a familiar name in the German entertainment industry, who has caught the eyes of many by involving in well-publicized relationships with several famous personalities. More recently, he was in the news for breaking up with his long-term girlfriend, Sabine Katharina Lisicki

Oliver Pocher is entirely over his girlfriend – Says he has never dated an athlete

Oliver began dating Sabine in 2013, the same year he separated from his ex-wife Sandy Meyer-Wölden (Alessandra Pocher). Sabine is a German professional tennis player.

Oliver accompanied his partner in most of her tournaments, always cheering for her from the front rows. But now, he finds it hard to speak any nice about her ever since the two separated in 2016.

Oliver Pocher and his ex-girlfriend Sabine Lisicki sanding next to each other for a photo shoot. Sabine Lisicki stands tall than her boyfriend.

The stand-up comedian stated during an interview on Global Gladiators that he has never been with an athlete and that he doesn’t know what it’s like to be with a top athlete. 

It remains unclear why he nags about Sabine so much in public. Rather, it surprises us since it has been reported that it was Oliver who cheated on Sabine with Sarah Joelle Jahnel. 

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Oliver Pocher has a daughter and twin sons from ex-wife 

Oliver began dating Sandy, a model and creative jewelry designer, in the springs of 2009. Within a year, the couple welcomed their daughter, the first child for both, Nayla Alessandra, in February 2010. They got engaged nearly five months later and married the same year.

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In 2011, the couple welcomed twins to their paradise. Sandy gave birth to two sons – Emanuel and Elian. She has said in an interview that “there will never be any photos of her children.”

Oliver Pocher's ex-wife Sandy Meyer-Wölden is resting her hand on Oliver's shoulder as they both look at the camera with smiles on their faces.

Oliver and Sandy separated in 2013 and legally ended their marriage in a divorce in 2014. The split came as a surprise since everything seemed to be going well between the two before splitting.

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Following the separation, Oliver started a relationship with the tennis star while Sandy also found a new love, whose name has not been revealed. As of now, Sandy has become a mother to five children with the birth of another set of twin boys in March 2017.