NYC Mayoral Debate highlights: Bill de Blasio fends off opponents amid jeers from crowd

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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and his counterparts sparred for over an hour on Tuesday in this year’s mayoral debate, that included boos and jeers from the audience directed at Blasio during his opening statement.

“Sometimes there are elections where people feel that the candidates are all alike,” said the Democrat. 

De Blasio slammed his opponents as “right-wing Republicans” who supported Donald Trump in last year’s presidential election.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio at the first general election debate alongside Nicole Malliotaki and Bo Dietl

When fellow nominee Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis accused him of being absent in the city after the assassination of NYPD oficer Miosotis Familia, Blasio maintained that he had visited the hospital and spent time with her family before flying to Germany the following day.

Blasio rained down on independent candidate Bo Dietl after he tried to explain his comparison of de Blasio’s wife Chirlane McCray and a black female judge.

Dietl claimed that he meant the judge looked familiar to McCray, which Blasio interrupted by saying, “If you say a judge is going to make a decision based on her gender or the color of her skin, you’re no better than Donald Trump.”

The mayor has a 44 point lead over Malliotakis and a much wider lead over Dietl and it doesn’t seem that the debate has shifted the dynamics of the race.

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Zane Flarney

Best be sporting Sal lest Molly O'Ducky turn us into Miami. Billy Blob Villain may be Big Bird but Boy Ditz Dull is Oscar the Grouch and Molly O'Ducky is Miss Piggy.

Bobby Thomas

Great job keeping your composure in the debate. That was so impressing.

Harry Dandy

He nailed it . Man with guts.

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