Nicole Young is recognized as the beautiful wife of the NWA rapper and DJ Dr. Dre. She manages and supports her husband’s business.

Nicole Young Wiki: Nationality, parents, age and wedding details

Nicole was born on January 1, 1970, in the United States of America. Along with the details of her personal life, she has also managed to keep the details on her parents a secret. 

Before her famous marriage to Dr.Dre, Nicole was married to NBA player Sedale Threatt for three years. She was not even divorced when she first met Dre. Their love story quickly took off and they got married after just four months of dating. The couple tied the knot in May 1996. Nicole was 23 and Dre was 30 at the time of their wedding.

Nicole Young and Dr. Dre attend a party together. Dr. Dre is cosying up to his wife as they pose for a photo.

Nicole gave birth to their son, Truice Young, in 1997 and daughter, Truly Young, in 2001. They are now 20 and 16 years old, respectively. The couple is still together after 21 years of marriage. Unlike Dre’s other relationships from the past, his relationship with Nicole has been free from any kind of controversies and divorce is out of context.

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What is Nicole Young’s ethnicity?

Nicole Young’s ethnicity is always the talk of the town. Her fairer complexion than other black African-American people have now and then raised questions if she is biracial.

Nicole Young and Truly Young taking a selfie together. Both mother and daughter have short and wavy black hair.

As she has kept the details of her parents a secret, it’s difficult to say exactly what race she belongs to. Looking at her pictures, however, give us some idea about her race. Nicole is probably bi-racial.

Nicole Young has got a hot body

Nicole Young poses in a black dress during the Innovator of the Year Awards 2014. She is wearing a black dress with long v-neck cut. She has a tattoo on the right side of her chest.

Whatever her race is, there’s no denying that Nicole is a beautiful woman. She stands tall at 5 feet and 5 inches and her hot curvaceous body is something most women desire to have. It is appreciable how she has managed to keep herself in such attractive figure even after having two children.