Nick Spano came to fame from the hit Disney TV show Even Stevens. Furthermore, Spano holds many credits in the many other shows. However, he retired as an actor back in 2011. Besides, Nick currently earns his living as an acting coach.

The talented actor Nick likes to stay away from the spotlight. However, his online presence seems to be growing each day. Similarly, Spano holds an account on every major social media site. To know more about this dashing actor, please keep reading this article.

How old is Nick Spano? Learn his age and bio

Nick Spano, AKA Nicola Fortunato Spano, is currently 45 years old. Moreover, Fortunato was born on March 16, 1976. Similarly, the talented actor from Even Stevens was born in Los Angeles, California, USA. Nick belongs to the white ethnicity and owns American nationality.

Nick Spano was taking a selfie with his doggy
Nick Spano was taking a selfie with his doggy. Source: Instagram

Spano grew up with his family in his hometown of LA. However, the acting coach has kept his parents away from the spotlight. And as a result, the names of Nick’s father and mother remain hidden for now.

The talented actor started acting at a young age. Despite gaining the world’s focus on him as a teen, Nick keeps his childhood away from the public. Further in his bio, the actor first came to the screen at eighteen in 1994. Besides, after appearing in the movie Time Chasers, Spano found his calling.

Going over his academics, Spano is a college graduate. Moreover, he graduated from UCLA back on June 18, 2019. However, the world still doesn’t know which high school Nick attended.

How rich is Nick Spano? Learn about his Net Worth

Nick Spano holds a decent amount of wealth. However, the actor hasn’t been active for almost a decade now. And so, Nick currently holds an approximated net worth of $100k. Moreover, most of his wealth comes from an actor and acting coach career.

Nick Spano was taking pictures with his dog in his car
Nick Spano was taking pictures with his dog in his car. Source: Instagram

As an acting coach, Nick earned himself quite the fortune. Furthermore, a typical acting coach earns around $45k salary. Additionally, an acting coach earns $50 per hour in LA. What’s more, Spano made thousands of dollars per episode in the hit Disney show Even Stevens.

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We can see that the acting coach lives a comfortable life through his social media posts. Moreover, he enjoys traveling a lot evident from the pictures on his Instagram. What’s more, aside from traveling and enjoying life in general, Spano loves to spread awareness of the environment’s preservation.

Given the fame and fortune Nick holds, he must own a decent house to call home. Likewise, he drives a decent car and even owns a couple of doggies. But, he keeps the details of his assets hidden from the peering eyes.

Social Media Presence

Although Nick Spano enjoys his life away from the mainstream media, he remains an avid social media user. What’s more, he owns an account on most major sites. Nick managed to make friends with over four thousand people on his Facebook. Likewise, his Instagram account managed to gain more than 1k followers.

Is Nick Spano Still Single?

Yes, ladies and gents, Nick Spano is still single. Furthermore, the acting coach has yet to tie the knot. Moreover, he seems to be waiting for the right now to swear his life to. But for now, Nick isn’t married to a wife.

Nick Spano posing with his nieces
Nick Spano was posing with his nieces. Source: Instagram

Spano remains very protective about his private affairs. What’s more, he hasn’t dated any girlfriend publicly. As a result, the names of her former partners remain hidden. Besides, he seems to be embracing and enjoying the single’s life.

Although the actor, Nick, keeps his family away from the spotlight, he does share pictures with his niece and nephew on his IG. Likewise, he seems to be very close with his siblings too. But, he keeps his family’s identities away from the limelight.

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