Natalia Garibotto came to fame as an IG model. However, she shares the name with another famous person. What’s more, the profession differs vastly between the two, Natalia. One works as a surgeon, and the other comes to stardom through social media.

Garibotto holds a huge following in all of her social media accounts. Moreover, she gained from thousands to millions of people following her social media. But, how old is Natalia? Is she dating a boyfriend? Well, to know more, please keep reading this article.

How old is Natalia Garibotto? Learn about her bio

Natalia Garibotto is currently 28 years old. Moreover, Garibotto was born on January 15, 1993. What’s more, the IG model was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to her parents. Likewise, Garibotto comes from a mixed ethnicity of Brazilian-American. Similarly, Natalia holds an American nationality.

Natalia Garibotto was posing at a ski resort
Natalia Garibotto was posing at a ski resort. Source: Instagram

Garibotto likes to keep her family away from the spotlight. And as such, the names of Natalia’s mother and father remain hidden from her fans. Likewise, most of her childhood info remains buried in the past.

Although she was born in Brazil, Natalia and her family moved to Miami, Florida, the USA. Besides, the IG model grew up with a brother named Andrew Garibotto in Miami. Furthermore, the Garibotto siblings graduated from the local college. But, the name of the university remains hidden for now.

Is Natalia Garibotto married? Or is she still single?

As of 2022, Natalia Garibotto hasn’t married a husband yet. Moreover, Garibotto remains single for now. Besides, she seems to be more concerned about her career at the moment. What’s more, the IG model keeps herself busy expanding her business.

Natalia Garibotto was promoting a clothing brand in IG
Natalia Garibotto was promoting a clothing brand in IG. Source: Instagram

Many rumors regarding her affairs surround th models. The internet remains filled with such gossips about Natalia. However, Garibotto hasn’t confirmed nor denied such rumors.

Many online sources stated the model dated two boyfriends in the past. Moreover, as per the sources, Natalia dated Kyrie Irving till 2014. Afterward, she dated DeSean Jackson till 2016.

Pope liked a post of Garibotto?

Natalia Garibotto gained headlines after receiving a like from Pope Francis. However, a Vatican spokesman later revealed that his holiness had no idea how it came to be. Likewise, most of the people at the Vatican claim his account was hacked at the time. What’s more, the Pope scandal happened on October 5, 2020.

How much does Natalia Garibotto hold as her Net Worth?

As of 2022, the IG model, Natalia Garibotto, holds an approximated net worth of $2 million. What’s more, Garibotto earned her fortune as a social media influencer and a model. Besides, Garibotto holds an immense online presence.

Natalia Garibotto was posing behind a Mercedes-Benz
Natalia Garibotto was posing behind a Mercedes-Benz. Source: Instagram

Natalia earns a huge amount of money annually. Furthermore, Garibotto earns an estimated salary of $100k a year. But, most of her income comes from her adult content.

We see that Natalia leads a lavish lifestyle through the model’s IG posts. Moreover, she loves to go to beaches. Similarly, Garibotto loves traveling to exotic places. What’s more, the model owns a Mercedes-Benz GT 53, the cost of the car starts at $99,960. Natalia used to own a Range Rover in the past.

Online Presence of Natalia

The online sensation Natalia Garibotto holds a vast online presence. Moreover, Natalia owns an account on all major social media sites. Garibotto holds 3.2 million followers on IG. Similarly, her TikTok account accumulated over 1.2 million followers and 6.1 million likes.

Garibotto holds the smallest number of followers on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Her Twitter account holds about 249.9k followers. Similarly, Natalia holds around 22.2k followers on Facebook. And over on Twitch, the model collected over 59k followers.

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