Multiple fires in Napa and Calistoga areas forced residents to evacuate overnight on Sunday. At least two large fires were reported in the Napa area.

Two large fires have ignited structures in Napa

The fire spread over 200 acres in the hills over Napa. A second fire was reported to be burning near Calistoga according to the Napa’s County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sonoma Sheriff’s Office said on Monday that the fire originated from Porter Creek road.

Mandatory evacuations were ordered for residents on Patrick Rd, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Evacuation centers have been set at the Napa County Fairgrounds and Napa’s Crosswalk Community Church. Evacuations have also been ordered for residents of Porter Creek, Petrified Forest, Franz Valley and Mountain Home Ranch Rd.

Structures around the areas have been ignited and the fire has reportedly crossed Highway 101 in Santa Rosa.

Fox News correspondent Adam Housley tweeted this image of the dangerous fire as seen outside his parents’ home in Napa.


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