Morgan Spurlock is an actor, film producer, humorist, film director, and a comedian. He is best known for his documentary films Super Size Me, Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden?, and POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

Morgan Spurlock early age interests in film making

Morgan Spurlock was nine when his passion for becoming a film maker got triggered after the movie Scanners. He did Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in the film. Morgan had his debutante movie Leon: The Professional, as a production assistant in 1994.

Morgan Spurlock is laughing hard as seen in the picture. He looks awesome in his black suit and has kept his two fist near his cheek and has given a wide laughter.

He worked in the film Kiss Of Death in 1995. He worked as a stand-up comedian in California, but his dedication as a comedian didn’t work. Following his failure, there was a time when he was left homeless. But he made his way back and even bagged awards for his play The Phoenix. He hosted musical TV shows, and launched web series I Bet You Will.

Morgan Spurlock’s upcoming movies & net worth 2018

On acknowledging two teenage girls taking legal actions against McDonald putting their weight gain and health issues on reason, Spurlock got his first story for documentation. He ate McDonald’s three full meals daily for 30 days which led him to depression, weight gain and liver dysfunction diagnosis.

So based on the survey, Morgan debuted his documentary movie Super Size Me in 2004 and got nominated for the Grand Jury Prize. He won the title Best Documentary Director. It was a gigantic success and earned him a 2004, Academy Award.

Morgan’s debut appearance in a movie was in Slasher flick Drive-Thru. He released his second documentary, Where in the earth is Osama Bin Laden? in 2008. It was harshly criticized by the critics.

Morgan Spurlock looks dashing in his black jacket and lined shirt. He is sitting and giving intense looks facing the camera

In June 2013, Spurlock worked as the presenter and producer of the show Inside Man to know the difference between how a crime scene is investigated and how shows portray them. Inside Man has won a number of Awards along with a massive number of viewers. Morgan also directed a documentary movie RATS NYC, which is based on the book by Robert Sullivan and is distributed by Discovery Channel.

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With back to back hits Spurlock is coming with his next document series in association with A&E TV namely CultureShock in 2018. Its content will be highlighting the pop culture sector. About the series Spurlock confirmed his audience stating “This landmark documentary series will celebrate every facet of popular culture, and with so many amazing stories to tell & share, this first season is just the beginning.”

Sara Bernstein is Morgan Spurlock’s wife number two! More on his divorce

Alex Jamieson and Morgan Spurlock had known each other for a long time. They framed Super Size Me together and following the film’s success they tied the knot in 2006. They had been married for five long years until the separation. But eventually, they separated, and Morgan blames himself for the thunder in his marriage as he prioritized his work more than his married life.

Morgan Spurlock and his pregnant bride posing with a man who's holding a shotgun.  Morgan is facing a camera while his wife is looking at him with smile.

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After parting ways with his wife, Morgan dated Sara Bernstein. Keeping his dating life under wraps, they got married in 2016. He made his marriage news public by posting a picture on Instagram terming it Shotgun Wedding where he and his pregnant wife posing with a man holding a shotgun. They have a son, named Kallen Marcus Spurlock.