Molly Eskam finally addressed her recent Snapchat hack in a YouTube video uploaded on September 22. The viral Instagram model remained calm and composed as she reacted to the hack, in which her private photos were allegedly leaked. Here’s what she had to say!

Molly Eskam's selfie with boyfriend FaZe Rug

Eskam’s Snapchat (molly76) was hacked by GucciGang last week and she had remained silent on the matter until this recent video. In the vlog titled WHAT HAPPENED….(this is serious), Eskam begins by vaguely addressing the hack.

 “I don’t want to completely ignore it, I do want to address it like a little bit,” said Eskam.

Molly Eskam Snapchat hacked!

Molly Eskam scared by the invasion of privacy

Molly Eskam in pale blue lingerie

She continued that she didn’t want to leave her fans in the dark. She urged fans to learn from her mistakes.

The swimwear model revealed that the attention that she’s recently been getting on social media and in real life is sometimes scary.

Eskam currently has 302K followers on her self titled YouTube channel and over 480K followers on Instagram.

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She always thought that no one would bother to go to such lengths and she’s always been more focused on herself. 

She ended the rant by saying “I love you” to her fans and apologizing for not being “well spoken.”

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