Missy Franklin, a four-time Olympic gold medalist, is rumored to be dating a distance specialist John Martens. The owner of $3 million by the start of 2016, Franklin has not confirmed if he is really her boyfriend.

Franklin was rumored to be dating John Martens during the time of 2012 Olympics. It is revealed that both were in infatuated connection for less than a year. 

A few sources uncovered the two met while their swimming groups used to swim at the same place, one after another. Back then, Missy was not as popular as she is at present and many believed that the relationship would not last for too long.

The predictions about their separation after 2012 Olympic appears to be true as there is not a single evidence available of them being together at present.

In 2013, Missy was linked with English footballer Daniel Butler. It was uncovered that they dated each other roughly for a year. However, due to lack of strong evidence, it has not been proved whether the two actually in love or not. 

Recently in 2016, she was seen getting very close to American competitive swimmer Ryan Lochte. The varieties of selfies they took together led to the speculations that they liked each other. Nevertheless, their relation seems merely a rumor as they said that “Whatever happens in Olympic Village stays in Olympic Village”.


Missy Franklin grabbed four gold medals at 2012 Summer Olympics. She was just 17 when she won them. Considering her success, she was honored with World Summer of the Year and American of the Year awards in 2012. Coming to this stage, she has won total 27 medals among which 16 are gold, 6 are silver and 5 bronze. 

Missy Franklin’s athlete career has not only earned her medals but a huge sum of money. By 2016, Missy’s net worth was estimated to be around $3 million and this sum is expected to expand rapidly in near future if Missy Franklin continues making superb performances as always.