Mike Bibby is former American professional basketball player. He has played a handful of games in his career, including 14 seasons in the NBA. His career stats make him one of the most popular players of all time.

Mike Bibby’s family background and his amateur career

Born on 13th May 1978, Mike Bibby is the son of Henry Bibby and Virginia Bibby. His father is also a former NBA player. Mike grew up with his two brothers – Hank and Dane, and two sisters – Roslyn and Charlsie.

He completed his high school education from the Shadow Mountain High School. In May 2017, Mike Bibby received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he had been taking online classes.

Mike Bibby has an amazing stats in his basketball career which started form his high school.

Mike Bibby was inclined to basketball from a very young age. He has been displaying extraordinary skills on the court since the time he was studying in school.

Moving on, in 1997, he played the NCCA championship. With no doubts, the presence of Mike in the team made a huge difference where he helped the Wildcats to NCCA championship.

Mike Bibby’s NBA career

In 1998, following his sophomore season, Mike entered the NBA draft and got selected to play for Vancouver Grizzlies. He played with Grizzlies from 1998-2001.

The New Jersey-bred started playing for Sacramento Kings from 2001. While playing for Kings, his remarkable performance helped the team to earn the respectable wins and marked incredible stats in his career.

Mike Bibby started playing for Sacramento Kings for years. During his time with Kings in 2002-03 season, despite his injuries he played 55 games.

He collaborated with Chris Webber, and the two became one of the best duos in the league. Despite the injury, the player showed off excellent performances in 2002-2003 season playing total 55 games.

In 2008, he was traded to Atlanta Hawks in exchange for Lorenzen Wright, Tyronn Lue, Shelden Williams, and Anthony Johnson. Considering his talent, he was offered a three-year-long contract with the colossal amount of $18 million.

He was sent to Washington Wizards on February 23, 2011, in exchange for Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong. Later, in December 2011, he signed one year contract with the New York Knicks.

His career’s average stats is 14.7 points and 5.5 assists in 14 NBA season.

Mike Bibby’s career provided handsome salary that resulted in an impressive net worth

With his father’s guidance, he had been successful to make his name popular as a basketball player all around the world. He was awarded the Pacific-12 Conference Men’s Basketball Player of the Year in 1988 and was also became the NCAA champion in 1997. He is one of the professional basketball point guards reaching at the 1000 games.

Mike Bibby's amazing stats helped him to get into Sacramento Kings in 2001

Mike Bibby’s professional career spanned 14 years. Getting drafted in NBA, he has made his name in the history with incredible stats.

Along with the name and fame, Mike Bibby was also honored with a handsome amount of salary. In 2012, he received an annual salary amounting to of $1.35 million. This retired basketball player has an estimated net worth of $60 million at present.

Mike Bibby has a tattoo of his wife’s name

Mike found the love of his life while he was in high school. The 39-year-old player is not so open when it comes to his personal life, but if we scrutinize his social media account, then it says a lot about his private life.

Mike Bibby turned his high school sweet heart, Darcy Watkins, into his wife. The beautiful couple has been blessed with four kids, a son, Michael, and three daughters Janae, Mia, and Nylah.

Mike Bibby turned his high school sweetheart, Darcy into wife.

Well! The player might be tight-lipped about his wife, but his action says it all. Mike who has featured several tattoos on his body has a very special one on his right hand, and that is the name of his wife. Well, that somehow resembles his love for his beloved one.

Mike’s coaching career began with his son, Michael

As of 2017, Mike Bibby is a high school coach. It’s been a couple of years that he has been coaching, which has now become a medium to pass wisdom that he has received.

Mike Bibby son has a strong stats in the beginning of his basketball career.

In actuality, he started coaching ten years ago when his son, Michael, was just eight years old. During the process of teaching Michael, an idea of staying close to his kid struck his head which led him to pursue a career as a coach.

It’s already been four years that he started coaching at schools. As of now, he is the coach of Shadow Mountain and has led the team with 33 straight wins last season.