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Mike Bibby's playful look while playing for Sacramento Kings

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Mike Bibby is posing for the camera while playing for Sacramento Kings. He is wearing number 10 jersey.
Mike Bibby joined Sacramento Kings in 2001. He started collaborating with Chris Webber forming one of the best duos in the league. He played for Kings till 2008 until he was sent to Atlanta Hawks.
Mike Bibby's wife Darcy Watkins is holding their fourth baby. Their other three children are standing beside Darcy. 1 of 6 Swipe To View More 6
Mike BibbyMike BibbyMike Bibby playing for University of Arizona against Kansas in 1997Mike Bibby throwing a ball to score point for Sacramento Kings Mike Bibby posing with his son, Michael Bibby, after the win of Shadow Mountain HS Mike Bibby playing for Atlanta Hawks

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