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Michelle Malkin with her son during a family trip

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Michelle Malkin hugs her son during a family day out. She is often seen having fun time with the family.
Michelle Malkin has a son named Julian Daniel. She also has a daughter named Veronica.
Michelle Malkin and Jesse Malkin kiss during their wedding in 1993. 1 of 12 Swipe To View More 12
Michelle MalkinMichelle Malkin in the show Hannity which she appears occasionally with Sean HannityBold and Beautiful: Michelle Malkin smiles for the cameraMichelle Malkin with the very famous TV and radio host Sean HannityMichelle Malkin looks absolute bombshell in black dress and short hairThe Malkin family takes a group picture during a trip to the natureMichelle Malkin with her son during a family tripMichelle Malkin has a age defying figure at the age of 47Michelle Malkin with husband and sonPolitical journalist and blogger Michelle MalkinVeronica, Michelle MalkinMichelle Malkin is the conservative political blogger who runs the blog

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