Standing as one multitalented man who is one of the most famous artists, producers, writers, directors and musicians in the history of the French acting industry, Michel Gondry is commonly known as Super Michel has been the heartthrob and charmer of the nation of over a decade now. Setting up a respective and a killer identity from the film The Green Hornet and then going on with the direction roles in the movies like The Science of Sleep was the major outlook of Gondry’s life as he was awarded the Academy Award for it. Not only this, he has graced the famous films like The Thorn in the Heart, Tokyo, Human Nature  and Dreamers with a commanding appearance that has got him many acclaims from his critics.

Gondry’s role as a producer on the hit film Be kind Rewind was his breakthrough as a valiant producer. His role was famous even among his critics who did applause him for his dedication towards acting and producing. Then Gondry was able to play distinct roles whether be like that of ‘Con Artist’ or ‘The We and the I’. His acting as well as producing skills then led him to grab the challenging role in the film “Dreamers” where he got nominated and later awarded in the Teen Choice Awards.

Being a valiant producer does not guarantee that one can be as valiant lover and the affairs and dating rumors of Gondry have proved so till date? According to the Heat Magazine, a 13 year long relationship of Gondry and some unnamed Runway model was ended due to commitment issues. Before Tanit, Gondry was linked in relationship with her French movie co-star who too broke up because of his ill family manners. He has a son named Paul with her. Now it has been in latest talks that Gondry will take a serious step in making his relation work nomatter who he links with. So it seems as though Gondry needs to work out the magic formula to making a relation work like he does with his movies.