Meg Whitman, the current CEO of HP and arguably one of the most successful business women, is very loyal to her family. She is married to husband, Griffith Harsh IV since 1980. They’ve been blessed with two sons.

Meg Whitman has done almost everything that is in her power to support her family. Let’s learn about her family members.

More than 2 decades long marriage of Meg Whitman and Griffith Harsh IV is still going strong

Griffith Harsh IV is a neurosurgeon at Stanford University Medical Center. The two met at a sophomore at Princeton. It was just a formal meeting.

Years later, Meg invited him to her sister’s wedding but he forgot to attain the wedding. He then apologized to her and asked her out. In this way, their love started.

The two got married in 1980. The couple has two sons. The eldest is Griffith Rutherford Harsh IV and the youngest is William Harsh.

Meg Whitman and her husband reside in Atherton, California at present. Their more than two decades long marriage is still going strong.

Meg Whitman’s two sons have not so good impression

Her two sons have earned a notorious reputation in college for being spoiled brats and engaging in delinquent behavior. It has also been noted that their billionaire mother has several times used her power and money to shield off her sons from the crimes they committed.

Whitman once made a generous donation of $30 million dollars to Princeton University who used it to open a residential living complex. Many people questioned the donation as her sons went on to study at Princeton.

Whitman has bailed her sons out a couple of times. In 2006, her eldest son, Griff was arrested for breaking a woman’s ankle. Whitman swiftly appeared to pay the $25000 bail and charges were mysteriously dropped against him.

Also, added to the felony battery is sexual assault. Her son had been accused of raping a fellow student. An investigation was pursued by the college and dealt internally within the college with Griff not facing any charges in the end. Other brushes with the law include buying alcohol with fake documentation.

Whitman’s youngest son, William was no different. During his time in the college, he also faced charges for altercations with a professor. Now, Griff is working for Solamere Capital and Will has also graduated from college.

Enlisted among the world’s most successful women, Meg Whitman is very loyal, supportive and defensive of her family despite their inconvenient behavior.