Rashida Jones, an American actor from The Idiot Brother and The Social Network, and actor Colin Jost’s relationship has been heating up lately, making everyone feel that their marriage is not far now. An owner of a huge net worth ,Rashida Jones has a big sisters-circle too.

In relationship with Colin Jost from a long time, Rashida Jones is sure to marry her boyfriend

Rashida Jones and Colin Jost’s relationship has been a hot topic of gossip among the people lately, but for a good thing. It seems that the 40-year-old American actress is going to marry her long-term boyfriend Colin Jost. They have been in a relationship since September of 2012.

Rashida Jones talking about Drake in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

In the past, Jones has been out with many famous personalities, such as music director Mark Ronson, Toby Maguire, the Spider-Man, and comedian Seth Meyers. In fact, Rashida was also dating Drake, the rapper in early 2012. In the same year, she found her love Colin Jost and is finally ready to formally settle with him.

Both being the graduates of the Harvard University must have a lot of mischiefs to share from their experience at the college. Besides, they share some common interests that have kept them intact for these long years. Even Jones also talks about hers and Colin’s horoscopes and is hopeful that their relationship will go on for a long, long time.

It has also been rumored that the couple is going to be married as in Jewish tradition, though she had tried Hinduismas well,in the past. It seems she has exclusively used her right to religion. Some of her close friends know about the wedding, but it has been difficult to approach any of them.

Rashida Jones’ sisters and net worth

Rashida’s parents have a pretty big troop of daughters. Rashida has five sisters from her parents- Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton. Her sisters are Kidada Jones, Martina Jones, Joly Jones Levine, Kenya Julia Miambi Sarah Jones and Rachel Jones.

Not only Jones has a big sisters-circle but a huge net worth too which is estimated to be $5 million. Marrying the actor Colin Jost would add $0.7 million to their combined wealth. Her recent films have gathered quite a lot money in the box office, so she might be jumping to the next million if her fans keep loving her the same way.

Let’s see a video of an interview about her porn documentary. Do you think it was real?

With 5 sisters and numerous close friends to attend the marriage, Jones must definitely be excited for her big day. Let’s hope, we get to hear the wedding bells of Rashida Jones and Colin Jost very soon.