Magnus Walker has earned a multi-million net worth as a fashion designer and television personality. His huge fortune has allowed him to indulge in his Porsche collection hobby. Read on to find out how Magnus Walker made his money.

Magnus Walker has a huge Porsche car collection

Walker joined the Porsche Club of America in 2002. He collected several vintage Porsches and also began racing. At a point, he sold over 40 Porches. Presently, he owns 25 customized cars that are collectively worth $7.5 million. His Porsche obsession was documented in the short film, Urban Outlaw, in 2013.

He received national attention from the appearance, which led to Porsche contacting him. He later appeared in several advertisements for Porsche. 

Magnus Walker success story

Magnus Walker aka Urban Outlaw net worth

Magnus’ exact net worth is not known but we can guess that he’s worth tens of millions of dollars. Even in his early career, he was earning $2000 a weekend from his customized pants business.

By the early 90s, he and his wife had built a multi-million dollar business and his designs had been donned by superstars like Bruce Willis and Madonna. 

He could earn millions from his customized Porsches but he maintains that modifying Porsches is only an “out of control hobby.”

Magnus Walker looking sideways from his Porsche, his beard is being blown along by the wind

A native of Sheffield, England, Walker became fascinated with Porsches when he went to Earl’s Court Motorshow in 1977. At ten years old, he wrote a letter to Porsche, asking for a job. Surprisingly, the company replied and told him to contact them once he had finished his school.

He later moved to the United States and started his career in design. But, he remained a Porsche fan and bought himself a 1974 Porsche 911 in 1992. He has been collecting Porsche cars ever since.