Updated: 05/04/2017 12:29 PM | First Published: 03/02/2017 01:48 PM

Maddie Ziegler found her BFF outside of Dance Moms

Maddie Ziegler, holding butter beer glass, looking at Millie Bobby Brown

Since leaving Dance Moms, dancer Maddie Ziegler has been quite busy in her career. The starlet is set to appear in The Book of Henry and will be releasing two books in 2017. As if her life wasn’t exciting enough, Maddie has become BFFs with promising teen actress Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things fame. 

Their friendship is the cutest and the very definition of #friendshipgoals. They met in July of 2016 when Millie visited Maddie on the set of So You Think You Can Dance, on which Maddie was a judge. 

Millie was already a fan of the Dance Moms star, however, Maddie admitted that she had no clue how big Millie was. Maddie told Instyle in December 2016, “I didn't know what she was doing at the time—she mentioned she had a show on Netflix—so I went home and literally binge-watched the whole season of Stranger Things in two days.”

They then got acquainted on Twitter and Maddie even invited Millie to a sleepover, which apparently went southward as the fire department had to be called after a fire alarm went off.

Shortly after this, the duo had become inseparable, as verified by their Instagram feeds. Recently, Maddie wished Millie a happy 13th birthday on her Instagram with the sweetest caption, “Happy birthday mills! thank you for being the best friend, and always being there for me. i can't tell you how thankful i am for you! love you so much my southern bell.”

They FaceTime each other, had a day out at the Universal Studios, and Millie even sported outfits from Maddie’s clothing line. Needless to say, Maddie and Millie “clicked right away”, as Maddie said in an October 2016 Interview magazine exclusive, in which she interviewed her BFF.