Lyn Elizabeth Caviezel is not the biological daughter of the popular American actor Jim Caviezel but her fate led her into the good hands of him and his family. Her father has won multiple awards for his acting.

After being adopted by the Hollywood actor Lyn, she rose to fame. And, you might be wondering how and where did Caviezel meet Jim? If you don’t know yet, keep reading to learn more about Lyn.

How old is Lyn Elizabeth Caviezel?

Lyn Elizabeth Caviezel is currently 20 years old. Further, she was born in China on September 25, 2001. So, Lyn is an American and Asian ethnicity. Lyn belongs to the Libra sun sign.

Lyn Elizabeth Caviezel with her family.
Lyn with brother and parents. Source: Pinterest

Besides that, Lyn was raised alongside her two brothers, Bo Caviezel and David Caviezel. Both her brothers have a Cancer sun sign. But, her previous life and biological parent’s names are not shared in the media.

Matt Linehan, an American footballer from Idaho Vandals, is her cousin. Likewise, Timothy Caviezel is her nephew. Lyn is the middle child of her parents and grandchild of chiropractor James Patrick Sr. and actress Maggie Caviezel.

Given her age, Caviezel might be attending college. Lyn’s parents keep the details regarding their kids away from the public. Thus, the young girl remains out of the reach of media attention.

Jim Caviezel, father of Lyn Elizabeth Caviezel

Jim Caviezel is an actor born on September 26, 1968. Moreover, he was born in Mount Vernon, Washington, as James Patrik Caviezel. Former actress Margaret Lavery Caviezel and chiropractor James Caviezel are his parents.

Jim Caviezel. Source: Instagram/jim.caviezel

The actor shared his childhood with four siblings Timothy, Ann, Amy, and Erin Caviezel. When growing up, the actor always dreamed of becoming an NBA player. But, fate has a different role to play. During a basketball match, he injured his foot, which ended his dreams of playing in the NBA.

Later, Jim attended the professional acting program. Furthermore, Caviezel went to the University of Southern California. He got his first role in the 1991 film My Own Private Idaho. He used to play small roles in movies and on Television until 1998. Then, “The Thin Red Line” brought him to highlight his admiring acting skills.

Jim is mostly admired for his intense role in “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Next was his character as Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the Christ’ with many controversies and even banned some countries from releasing.

Married Life of Lyn Elizabeth Caviezel’s Parents

Lyn Elizabeth Caviezel’s parents Jim Caviezel and Kerri Browitt Caviezel tied the knot in 1996. Furthermore, Jim and Kerrie exchanged their wedding vows in an intimate setting. Moreover, the exact date of Kerrie and Jim’s big day stays elusive to Caviezel’s fans.

Although the pair married and became parents to three children, Jim and his wife never welcomed a biological child. Furthermore, the love birds share a marriage of over two decades. And even today, Caviezel and his spouse remain locked in beautiful wedlock.

Jim is a well-known actor, but his relationships before Kerri stays a mystery. Moreover, the actor, Caviezel, never dated anyone publicly. And as a result, ex-girlfriends’ names of Jim remain buried in the past.

How rich are Lyn Elizabeth Caviezel and her Parents?

Lyn is yet to start her career. She is a student in her early twenties who is busy achieving her academics. So, she is not professionally involved in anything for now. Contradictory, Jim Caviezel holds millions of dollars as net worth.

Lyn Elizabeth Caviezel and her family.
Lyn and her family. Source: Pinterest

He has a whopping net worth of $25 million which he earned as an actor. The hard work and intensity he put into his role helped him make more. He also makes income from endorsements, sponsors, and advertisements.

On the other hand, Kerri has a net worth of $100k. Kerri is a former basketball player who has been listed on the ‘President’s List’ in her college time.

Later, she quit her sports skills and started to work as an English teacher. To this day, Lyn is working in the same field. Unlike her husband, she sticks to living a low-key life.

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