Lizzy Wurst and her boyfriend Lance Stewart both belong to the social media fraternity. Lizzy at age nineteen is successfully influencing a huge number of youths around the world. 

Lizzy Wurst Wiki: Age, career and net worth details

Lizzy Wrust was born on July 22, 1998, in the United States. She has a younger brother. Lizzy attended Delsea Regional High School in New Jersey.

Lizzy Wurst captured while running in a beach in her bikini wear. She is looking smoking hot and the scenario looks perfect with the blue sky, hills and oceans.

Lizzy stepped into the internet world initially as a vine star. She was well appreciated for her comedy videos and short cover songs. It was in 2014 that Lizzy’s Twitter and Vine accounts were flooded with followers.

Wurst joined YouTube in the mid-2016. Her YouTube channel holds more than 78000 subscribers in such short span of time. She uploads one video a week which helps her earn approximately $75,000 annually. Her videos mostly contain challenges like the hilarious Whisper Challenge, the Huge Jell-O Bath Challenge, the Permanent Marker Makeup Challenge. Lizzy has racked up a net worth of $40000.

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Lizzy Wurst & Lance Stewart have been dating for years

Lizzy Wurst has been in a relationship with YouTuber Lance Stewart for almost four years now. Their love tale started during their High School days and it was actually Lizzy who took the initiations in their relationship.

Lance Stewart riding his Raptor Dirt Bike with his girlfriend in the backseat. Lizzy is hugging Lance from the back while he is riding. Lance is wearing casual shorts and a tank top while Lizzy is wearing a short jumpsuit.

Everything to know about Lizzy Wurst’s boyfriend Lance Stewart

In a YouTube video entitled Boyfriend Girlfriend Tag – Challenge, which was uploaded to Lizzy’s channel in August 2016, the duo disclosed how they first met. They said that Lizzy used to stare at Lance everytime he walked across her in the high school hallway. Lizzy then followed him on Instagram, then unfollowed him and refollowed him only to make sure that Lance has noticed her. They eventually went on a date, had their first kiss, and here they are today.

Lizzy Wurst had a breast surgery in September 2017

Everyone has their own insecurities, and Lizzy was her breast size. She said in the video she uploaded to her channel in August 2017 before getting the b**b job that the size of her breast had shrunk over the years and that she had always desired to have fuller breasts.

Lizzy Wurst looks like she is in pain after her breast implant procedure. She is lying in the hospital bed.

She revealed in the video that her plastic surgeon friend Dr. Sheila Nazarian was going to help her with the surgery. Dr. Nazarian is the same surgeon who also helped Lizzy in getting fillers under her eyes.

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On September 19, 2017, Lizzy shared a picture of her lying on the hospital bed after the surgery. Many of her fans were unaware that she had undergone a breast surgery.