For those wondering who Pat Sajak is married to, the answer is Lesly Brown Sajak. Lesly Brown is best known as the wife of the Wheel of Fortune host. She and her husband are parents to two children. She doesn’t have a Wikipedia page so read on for a short biography on her.

Lesly Brown Wiki: Short bio

Pat Sajak with wife Lesly Brown

Lesly Brown was born in 1966 in Maryland to parents Michael and Maria Brown. Her father is a dentist. She grew up with two sisters, Wendy and Kelly. Wendy is three years older while Kelly is three years younger than Brown. 

Lesly is a graduate of University of Maryland, from where she received a degree in television production in 1986. She had initially planned to go to law school but chose a career in the entertainment industry instead. 

Lesly Brown age: She’s 19 years younger than husband Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak enjoying the NHL winter classic game with family. With Lesly Brown, Pat Sajak has two children, Patrick Michael and Maggie.

Pat Sajak was born on October 26, 1946 which means he turned 71 in 2017. Brown was born in 1966 and is presently 50 years old. At the time of their wedding in 1989, Sajak was 43 while Brown was only 24 and a budding model.

They had met only a year ago, in 1988, through a mutual friend in California. The same year, Brown had appeared in a Playboy pictorial called “Women of Washington.” The two developed a friendship and although it was platonic at first, by spring the following year, they knew they were in love.

Pat Sajak is standing in front of a glowing background, holding a cheat on his left hand, slightly tilting his head and smiling to the audience.

Award winning host Pat Sajak’s turn of fortune after Wheel of Fortune

Sajak had proposed by Labor Day and four months later, they tied the knot in a 19th century Catholic church. Sajak’s close friend Dan Miller was his best man.

After marrying Sajak and moving to Los Angeles, she gave birth to their first child Patrick Michael James Sajak in 1991. Their daughter, Maggie Marie Sajak, was born in 1996. Patrick is a comedian, while Maggie is a country singer.