Les Gold is a reality star, author, public speaker and media
personality. He gained popularity from the reality TV series, Hardcore Pawn. He is the author of New York’s Time Bestseller, For What’s It’s Worth.

Les Gold’s Early Life Details

Les Gold was born on June 20, 1950, as Leslie Gold in Detroit, Michigan. He is a third-generation pawnbroker. His grandfather owned a pawn shop, Sam’s Loans where his first sale was made at the age of 7.

Les Gold is showing a beautiful Rolex watch. He is wearing white colored t-shirt.

Les was inclined towards business from the very young age. He started doing business at the age of 12. He used to buy pizzas and resell them to the fellow students at Hebrew School by the slice.

Les Gold’s Net Worth from his Family Business

In the year 1978, Les opened his pawn shop, American Jewelry
and Loan at the Green Eight Shopping Center in Oak Park. Later, in 1993, it was shifted
to Greenfield Road near Detroit. The business flourished within years, and the business now employs more than 45 people and serves 1,000 customers per day. They opened two new stores at
Pontiac-564N, in 2011.

Les Gold is attending an event. He is holding a mic in his right hand. He is looking away from the camera with a subtle smile.

Les was approached with the concept of TV series, Hardcore Pawn by a producer, Richard Dominick. His business first caught Richard’s attention back in 1998, when his TV ads ran in local commercial breaks. However, after more than a decade, the show’s pilot aired in 2009.

The series’ premiere became truTV’s most-watched one with 2 million viewers. The show presented human aspects of drama, humor, absurdity, and conflict between the customers and staffs. The show ended in 2015 with its final episode airing on April 6.

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Les has also appeared in the shows The Playboy Morning Show (2010) and Varney & Company (2012). Further, he is also an author of his autobiography For What It’s Worth: Business Wisdom From Pawnbroker which was published on June 1, 2013. As of now, he has collected a colossal  net worth of $5 million.

Les Gold has been Married to Wife for More Than Four Decades

Other than Les Gold’s professional life, his personal life has been of great interest to his fans. Without a doubt, his married life is inspiring too. He has been married to wife, Lili Gold since 1975. The couple is blessed with a son, Seth Gold, and a daughter, Ashley Gold.

Les is standing for a photo with his family besides him. His wife, Lile Gold, son Seth Gold, and daughter Ashley Gold, are standing for the photo.

His family is also involved in the business. His wife is the co-owner of the shop while his son handles the shop’s marketing and his daughter is the head of the Jewelry department.


Les Gold (born June 20, 1950) is a pawnbroker and TV personality who appeared in the truTV series, Hardcore Pawn.

The series is based on his shop, American Jewelry and Loan, the pawn shop he started in 1978 in Detroit.

It is 50,000-square-foot estate which employs more than 45 employees. The shop opened its second store in Pontiac, in 2011.

The reality show, Hardcore Pawn, started airing on truTV since 2010 and ended in 2015.

The show was criticized for capitalizing on fame of the similar reality series, Pawn Stars.

However, Les claims that Hardcore Pawn’s portrayal of pawn industry is much more realistic than Pawn Stars.

As a successful businessman and TV personality, Les has collected a huge net worth of $5 million.

He has been married to Lili Gold since 1975 and has two children with her.

His son, Seth is the general manager of the family-owned business and his daughter, Ashley is the assistant manager.

Les published an autobiography, For What It’s Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker, which reached top five on New York Times’ Bestseller List.

He is active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.