Vine, a video-sharing platform through which a Venezuelan internet sensation Lele Pons became popular, has already been shut down as of January 17, 2017. However, the super-hot girl is now active on her self-titled Youtube Channel. Her millions of fans have always been curious about the secrets behind her erotic measurements and her boyfriend. Scroll down to read the full story.

Lele Pons admits to undergoing plastic surgery

Lele Pons, who is now admired by millions for her beautiful face and impeccable personality, lived a hard life during her high school days. She was bullied for her weird looks.

“I went to high school and I started getting bullied because I was very weird. I mean, freshman year I went to school in a pirate suit—I just didn’t care. I’m not like the cool girls—I’m the other girl, the one that’s basically a nerd, but proud of that”, she recalled.

But now, she has been one of the hottest internet celebrities, who has been seizing the attention of millions sharing her bikini and swimsuit pictures on social media. Her well-toned body measures approx. 37-27-35 inches. Such a slim yet curvaceous figure is complemented by her height of 5 feet 6 inches and weight around 62 kg.has been seizing the attention of millions sharing her bikini and swimsuit pictures on social media. Her well-toned body measures approx. 37-27-35 inches. Such a slim yet curvaceous figure is complemented by her height of 5 feet 6 inches and weight around 62 kg.

Lele Pons's pictures before and after plastic surgery. She has admitted to undergoing nose job.

Not only her body but Lele’s cheerful face with a small beauty mark below her left eye has also been adored by many. She has admitted to her successful plastic surgery. Getting nose job was really a good decision of her.

Thanks to Dr. Ramtin Kassir who helped Lele in getting the amazing result. She has candidly spoken about getting the job done. In 2015, she shared with her million fans on Twitter that she went off the media shortly to have Rhinoplasty. She explained, “I did get a nose job #dowhatmakesyouhappy. This is something I always wanted to do.”

The important thing is that you don’t change who you are inside.

Lele Pons

How Lele’s workouts & diet plans worked in maintaining hot measurements?

Lele Pons has been influencing Hollywood circles with her sensational measurements. She credits her balanced diet and scheduled exercises for her impressive bikini body. The internet personality has revealed her workouts and diet regime.

According to her, the step-1 procedure involves avoiding sugars and starches on food and preventing the secretion of primary fat storage hormone i.e. insulin. It’s not uncommon to lose 10 pounds within a first week with this practice. Similarly, another step includes taking low-carb diets, protein, fat, and veggies.

Venezuelan internet personality, Lele Pons working out in gym. She frequently visits gym, that helps her in staying fit.

Not only diet maintenance, but body exercises is also involved in her schedules that include weight lifting thrice a week and other involving in light forms of exercises like warming up and stretching. Regular visits to the gym have helped her stay in firm shape.

She says, while working out, one should realize not only the best strategy for the best ways to do it but also the reason for doing it.

Venezuelan Viner Lele Pons giving a big smile. Her smile has seized the attention of millions worldwide.

She also used Garcinia weight loss pills for several purposes like speeding up metabolism, suppressing appetite and reducing weight gain.

From long light brown hair to cheerful face, enticing body, slender legs, and beautiful feet, all of those features have fascinated her male and female fans.

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Lele Pons is really dating Juanpa Zurita!

Recognized as the first Viner to accumulate billions of loops, she is still followed by millions even long after the shutdown of the video app. With her self-titled YouTube channel, that has millions of subscribers, she has continued to entertain her followers. Alongside her career moves, what people always want to know is about her boyfriend.

Who is Lele dating now? It’s a longstanding question, her fans are trying to get the answer for. Once there were speculations about her relationship with a fellow Viner, Juanpa Zurita. But she ended those claims saying, “No, we are not dating. Maybe in the future, we are really closest friend. Sorry!”

Upon her denial, public gossip has lessened to some extent. However, when fans see them together in her videos, still a string of comments follows, even asking about their marriage plans. Lele kissing him onstage while hosting MTV MiAw Awards on June 4, 2017, in Mexico sent fans into the total frenzy.

Not only that but also the act of Juanpa offering a ring to her onstage at the same event made fans to rethink the rumors. Those who are convinced by her revelation, think it as just a professional collaboration whereas some think it to be true.

Gossip about celebrities never ends. Some sources claim that Lele Pons and King Bach started dating in 2016. But still, none of them have commented on any rumors.