Laurie Dhue has been in a relationship with Joe SchrankFee for quite some time now. Are they looking to get married soon? Maybe. Her to-be-husband may not be very much interested in tying the knot. Anyway, Laurie’s net worth is good enough to keep her independent of anyone.

Laurie Dhue has been married in the past

Laurie Dhue is a television journalist for the TheBlaze’s journalism magazine. She has been into some relationships in the past.

While her early personal relationships are not known to the media, it’s sure that she was once married to Thomas Colquitt whose whereabouts is not public at this moment.

They are assumed to have started dating in their college days at the University of North Carolina. Later, the couple decided to marry before finally deciding to divorce after having some misunderstandings between them. Perhaps, it became a good choice for Laurie.

At the moment, Laurie is in a long relationship state with her boyfriend Joe Schrank. The couple has been in a relationship for some time now.

That’s why the media is desperate to know when this couple is getting married. However, no confirmation or response has been received from neither of the couple.

Even if they do not get married, Laurie Dhue is sufficiently well off to look after herself for the rest of her life. She is worth more than $20 million according to some sources.

Laurie Dhue’s boyfriend is a social worker

Joe Schrank, the to-be-husband of Laurie Dhue is a social worker who is largely famous because of his amazing get-over from earlier addiction on alcohol and other drugs. Besides, Joe has been a journalist who is mainly focussed into policy advocacy.

To talk about his early life, Joe was a the University of South Carolina student who was very much addicted to alcohol and was a serious patient of depression. This impacted a lot on his mental and social health. However, he gradually recovered from the situation, but it took some persistence.

Joe, now, is working to help the young people who have the same problem he went through in his college life. That’s all about volunteering and giving back to the community. He is also one of the founding members of the New York City Public School.

According to the reporters, Joe lives with two friends in his apartment. None of them has ever seen him drinking. Indeed Joe has lived his life with determination. It looks like Laurie Dhue and Joe Schrank are a very good match for each other.