Laura Behnke has left WABC! The sports anchor exited the New York-based station because her contract expired but things hadn’t been going well between Behnke and her employers for quite some time. Read on to find out what happened to Laura Behnke and details on her new job.

Was Laura Behnke fired for suing WABC?

Neither Laura nor the network has confirmed the reasons for her departure from the network, where she had worked as the weekend sports anchor for the past 6 years. On Instagram, Laura didn’t go into details but posted a photo with the caption, “It’s the first day of the rest of my life.”

So the question remains: Was Laura Behnke fired? It’s possible because Behnke had only recently sued the ABC affiliated station for race discrimination.

Laura Behnke Instagram post confirming her departure from WABC, she's leaning against a railing

It was reported in November that Behnke claimed that she didn’t get the position of the main sports anchor, because she was white.

Her attorney, David Rosenberg said, “Ms. Behnke was going to be New York City’s first female main sports anchor. Unfortunately, as a white woman, she was discriminated against on account of race, color and gender.”

Behnke had also been fighting with the network because of an alleged gender bias. She says WABC prevented her from running her own fashion blog while her male counterparts were free to do so.

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