Lance Stewart has accumulated a huge net worth

Lance Stewart is looking away from the camera, leaning on the wooden fence. He is wearing white tee-shirt and pants and a navy blue jacket.
Lance Stewart is a famous YouTube personality. He was interested in making videos from his early age. He started as a vine star and eventually had reached on the list of Top Vine stars. Unfortunately, in January 2017, Vine was banned worldwide. As of now, he is gathering his fortune from other social media sites such as YouTube and Instagram. He has already amassed approx. $2.5 million net worth.

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Lance Stewart is not single!Lance Stewart and his whole family together for ChristmasLance Stewart has been dating Lizzy Wurst for more than three years nowLance StewartLance Stewart has accumulated a huge net worthLance StewartLance Stewart who is of age 21 is going strong with his teenage girlfriend Lizzy WurstLance Stewart and his girlfriend Lizzy WurstLance Stewart expresses his gratitude towards his family via Twitter

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