Gretchen Wieners will always have a special place in the heart of everyone who has watched ‘Mean Girls.’

Not only Gretchen but also the woman behind her, Lacey Chabert has also been a fan favorite.

So, it’s normal for anyone to want to know about the man who won over her heart.

Well, Lacey got married to her longtime boyfriend, David Nehdar in 2013.

The couple has consistently maintained a low key profile, so, very little is known about David and their relationship.

As People reported, Lacey hadn’t even released the name of her man, though she revealed the news of their wedding on Twitter.

Among the attendants in their wedding were Kaley Cuoco, her sister Briana Cuoco and ‘8 Simple Rules’ actress, Amy Davidson and Bachelorette Ali Fedotwosky.

After her marriage, it was the US Weekly, who first revealed Dave Nehdar is Lacey’s husband.

About three years after her marriage, she announced the news of her sweet baby girl, Julia Mimi Bell’s arrival in September, 2016.

Back in February 2016, she confirmed that she was expecting on Instagram posting a cute pic of her puppy.

It’s been about four years since they got married but the ‘Party of Five’ alumna has managed to keep her husband’s details under the radar.