Kristen Welker has found her Mr. Perfect at 40 and is marrying him soon. One of the most loved and popular television celebrities, Kristen Welker, serves as a White House correspondent and political news reporter. Despite her popularity, she was finding it hard to find and settle for a Mr. Perfect.

Kristen Welker and John Hughes have been so in love

Like any other Friday night, Kristen and John Hughes (now her fiance) were on their way to a restaurant for dinner. Seizing the moment, very romantically, John got down on one knee and popped the question. Would she marry him? Of course, she would. She said yes.

A pic of me and @salatrix Friday night moments after he proposed.

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Previously reluctant to talk much of her private life, she shared her joy in her Instagram. Photographs of the proposal and the happy couple have excited us all. Thank you, John! Kristen went further to mention that she had waited long to be asked for marriage.

John Hughes is a marketing director at Merck in the Philadelphia area. He is a beer enthusiast.

The happy lady is strikingly beautiful and yet had to wait

According to The Hill, Kristen Welker falls into one of the most beautiful in 2014. But, her beauty couldn’t help her to meet the right man until 2014. It was indeed all about timing. No wonder she looks elated in her recent photographs.

In coming days, we hope to see more of the happy couple – especially of Kristen on the veil at the end of the altar somewhere.

Kristen and John met through a mutual friend

Kristen and John met two years ago through Kristen’s best friend. They have had an interesting chemistry since.

The couple has their own respective “hectic” schedules. There must have been times when it was hard for them to manage time for each other. Even on birthdays! To this, Kristen says: “When we are together, we make each other our priority.”

Here’s a video of White House reporters wishing Kristen a happy birthday in 2015.

So a message to young women who had recent breakups or are finding it hard to find a partner: Wait. Wait because your right man will walk by at some point in life. You will be able to manage your beloved career and family with him.