Kit Hoover is married to producer Crowley Sullivan. They are living happily with three children so divorce is not on the card. A popular sportscaster, Hoover’s husband is also a known name in the television industry.

Kit Hoover’s loving husband is also employed at ESPN

Kit Hoover is married to Crowley Sullivan who is a former director of programming and acquisitions for ESPN Classic. They met on the set of ESPN where she was employed as a sportscaster in August 2003.

It was not love at first sight but their friendship slowly grew and they fell for each other in no time.

17 years and still laughing. Happy Anniversary –

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A few weeks ago, Kit posted a picture of their wedding on the occasion of their 17th anniversary. The exact date of their wedding is not known but it is now clear that they tied the knot 17 years ago.

Both are devoted to their work. Ambitious Hoover became a huge name after her stint in Fox News Channel and ESPN. She is best known for her anchoring alongside her fellow anchors on Access Hollywood Live.

Hoover currently lives with her husband Crowley Sullivan and three children in California. The couple has been blessed with three children: two daughters named Hayes and Campbell and a son.

Let’s GO CUBBIES!! ❤️

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She frequently posts pictures of her children having fun on Instagram. It proves the children are happy with their loving parents.

Seeing the pictures, it doesn’t seem like they are having any problem in their married life. No rumor of issues in their marriage is ever heard.

The secret behind the luxurious life of Kit Hoover’s family is her huge earnings

Her luxurious life certainly reveals she earns a huge salary but her exact net worth has not been revealed. Her career began in 1995 through Road Rules: USA-The First Adventure.

She started serving Fox News Channel in 1999 and hosted lots of shows including FOX Rules With Kit Hoover. From Fox Channel, she headed to ESPN in 2003 as an anchor of Cold Pizza.

What a morning for @nmoralesnbc and me hanging with bad @realchadjohnson – Get ready #bachlorinparadise

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She has covered some major events like 2004 Summer Olympics, 2004 and 2005 Super Bowl, 2004 NBA Finals, 2003 and 2004 World Series. After enhancing her resume, she left ESPN in 2006.

From 2006-2008, she served as a correspondent on the TV Guide Channel. Then, she was seen in Six Flags TV, TLC’s Real Simple, Real Life and Shaquille O’Neal’s Shaq Vs.

Finally, she landed in Access Hollywood Live as a co-host with Billy Bush. It’s been six years and she’s still active on the show.

Kit Hoover is living a happy married life with producer husband, Crowley Sullivan. So, it’s pretty certain they’re not going to get a divorce. Her huge earnings is helping her three children live a lavish life.