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45-years-old actress Kirsten Vangsness

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Kirsten Vangsness smiling for a picture. She has been known for playing fun-loving FBI officer in the series Criminal Minds

Kirsten Vangsness was a very shy as a teenager and always wanted to be outspoken. Her appearance her theater productions helped her win over the fear, she had during her young age. She soon established herself as an award-winning performer in theater.

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An American actress, Kirsten Vangsness45-years-old actress Kirsten VangsnessKirsten Vangsness in 2005 Kirsten Vangsness has maintained her body weight these daysKirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia in Criminal Minds Kirsten Vangsness (far right) and her co-stars in Criminal MindsKirsten Vangsness before and after weight lossKristen Vangsness kissing Shemar MooreKirsten Vangsness and her fiance Keith HansonKirsten Vangsness with her fiance Keith HansonKirsten Vangsness with her then lesbian fiance Melanie Goldstein

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