Kirsten Powers, a renowned political pundit, was married to American surgeon and author Marty Makary. Her small happy family fell apart when the couple divorced in 2013.

It is revealed that Kirsten started dating Marty after meeting him for the first time in Washington DC where they were working for Washington Post. After the first meeting, they dated each other a lot of time and were often captured together in many high profile functions and ceremonies.

The duo finally tied the knot in January 2010 in a ceremony attended by many renowned celebrities and political figures.

The bond between Powers and Makary in the early years seemed as strong as it was before they married. However, they began having conflicts along the third year of marriage which ultimately ended their relationship in a divorce in 2013. 



Some time after the divorce took place, Kirsten shared that the phase after separating with husband had not been good for her. She even twitted an emotional quote which said “I made a mistake and now am learning from it”.

Prior to getting married to surgeon Marty, Kirsten was in a love relation with former Congressman, Anthony Weiner. The two, who began dating in 2002, ended the love relationship within a short period but remained to be close friends.

Following the short-lived marriage with Makary, Powers is not known to have shared a romantic relationship with any men. Well, Kirsten Powers must be busy focusing on her career at the moment.