Ke Huy Quan is a Vietnamese-American actor. Quan started his career as a child actor. However, he found it difficult to find acting work in the United States as an adult.

However, inspired by the success of Crazy Rich Asians, he returned to acting in 2018. Quan received a supporting role in Finding ʻOhana. In addition, Ke Huy also appeared in Everything Everywhere All at Once.

How old is Ke Huy Quan?

Ke Huy Quan, also known as Jonathan Ke Quan, is 50 years old. He was born on August 20, 1971. Besides, the actor was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

A young Ke Huy with his mother
A young Ke Huy with his mother
Source: Instagram

The actor is Vietnamese American of Han Chinese. He is from the Chinese Hoa minority of Vietnam ancestry. Besides, Ke Huy is fluent in English, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Mandarin.

Ke Huy had a tough childhood. He was one of eight children. Everything Everywhere All at Once star lead his early life on the move. Quan and his father fled to a refugee camp in Hong Kong with Ke’s five siblings. Similarly, his mother and three other siblings fled to Malaysia.

Quan’s family emigrated and reunited in the United States in 1979. The actor attended Mount Gleason Jr. High and Alhambra High School in Alhambra, California. Furthermore, he graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts in 1999.

Quan’s Height and more

Ke Huy Quan stands at a decent height. Furthermore, at fifty years, Quan stands at five feet and five inches. Moreover, even now, Ke managed to keep himself fit.

Quan holds a pepper and salt hair. Likewise, Ke also owns a pair of brown eyes. But, his weight remains hidden for not.

No, Ke does not know Kung-fu. However, Quan studied Taekwondo at an early age. And later, The Goonies actor trained under Tan Tao-Liang, a Korean martial arts instructor.

Is Ke Huy Quan in a relationship?

Ke Huy Quan is married to Corinna Ke Quan. Quan dated his wife for two years before exchanging vows. However, it is unclear how Ke and Corinna met.

Ke Huy posing for a picture with actress Michelle Yeoh
Ke Huy posing for a picture with actress Michelle Yeoh
Source: Instagram

Ke Huy is very private about his life. Hence, very little information is available on his romantic and personal life. It is also unknown when Corinna and Ke Huy tied the knot.

The pair resides in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. It is unclear if Quan has any children. The actor also does not post anything about his wife on social media.

Given how Ke keeps his life hidden, his past affairs remain a mystery. Likewise, the talented star and his wife, Corinna, lead a healthy married life. And so, Ke and his partner remain free of any nasty rumors. Likewise, Quan has remained loyal to his wife, and no news about any divorce or divorce came to light.

What is Ke Huy Quan’s net worth?

As of 2022, Ke Huy Quan’s net worth is $1 million. Quan started his career as a stunt double and actor. However, he is now a well-known stunt choreographer.

Ke Huy posing for a picture
Ke Huy posing for a picture
Source: Instagram

Ke Huy started his acting career at the age of 12. He stared as Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Quan also played a pickpocket orphan in the 1986 Taiwanese movie It Takes a Thief.

Moreover, as an actor, Ke Huy earned $50k a month. Likewise, Quan later started earning more and more. Furthermore, more recently, the actor earned an estimated $100k per month income.

Career of Quan

As we stated earlier, Ke Huy Quan started his career at 12. And later, he earned a role in The Goonies movie. Aside from Hollywood films, Quan appeared in many Asian movies.

Not only in films, but Quan also appeared in many TV shows. But, his debut in the TV world from the show Together We Stand. Moreover, he started the show in 1996, and a year later, Ke left the show. Similarly, in 1990, Quan played Kasper Kwong in the sitcom Head of the Class for a year.

In the late 1990s, Ke later stopped working as an actor. Moreover, from 1998 to 2018, Quan mostly played a part in production rather than acting. What’s more, Ke helped with the fighting sequences in 2000’s X-Men.

But in 2018, Quan returned to the world as an actor. After almost two decades, Ke returned to the industry with a massively successful Crazy Rich Asians. And more recently, Quan appeared in the hit movie Everything Everyone All at Once.

Social Presence

Ke Huy Quan is only active on Instagram. However, a few fan pages are dedicated to the actor on Facebook. In addition, the actor is not available on Twitter.

Quan posing for a picture
Quan posing for a picture
Source: Instagram

The actor has 38k followers on Instagram. Besides, Quan’s account is verified. However, Ke Hyu does not post much on social media and only has 41 Instagram posts.

Ke Huy mostly posts about his past roles. A couple of pictures of the actor’s early life are available on his Instagram account. However, Quan does not share any details of her personal life with his posts.

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