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Kayla Tausche and her husband, Jeffrey Jacob Izant, in Camp's Bay

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Kayla Tausche and Jeffrey Jacob Izant posing
Kayla Tausche married Jeffrey Jacob Izant at the Cathedral of Christ the King in Atlanta in April 2015.
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CNBCAmerican journalist Kayla Tausche works in CNBC since 2011Kayla TauscheCNBC news anchor Kayla TauscheKayla Tausche has covered many important news on CNBCKayla Tausche during the CNBC coverage of Cyber MondayKayla Tausche with husband Jeffrey Izant at wedding dayCNBC reporter Kayla Tausche at London Canary WharfKayla Tausche and her husband, Jeffrey Jacob Izant, in Camp

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