Updated: 03/02/2017 03:02 PM | First Published: 07/31/2016 10:41 AM

Kasie Hunt

Kasie Hunt, who is an American political correspondent for the NBC News, hasn't proclaimed about her net worth and salary. But, since, she has worked for almost a decade in the journalism industry, Kasie is believed to earn a hefty amount of salary and own a huge net worth.

At present, Kasie is reporting the political news for NBC News and MSNBC.

Upon graduating from Conestoga High School Kasie attended George Washington University and received her bachelor’s degree in 2006, majoring in International Affairs. Afterward, she obtained master’s degree in Sociology from St John’s College.

As an intern in political unit of the NBC News, Kasie started her venture journalism industry. Her later job includes working as a health policy reporter for CongressDaily, where she wrote passages on Affordable Care Act and coverage of 2010 midterm elections for Politico. Also, she worked for Associated Press as a national political reporter in 2011 and covered Mitt Romney’s presidential election in 2012.

The aspiring journalist’s career obtained a breakthrough in 2013 when Kasie joined NBC News as off-air producer and reporter, covering Congress & politics. Following her typic appearance on MSNBC as a political reporter, she became a political correspondent in November 2014.

Currently, Kasie writes for msnbc.com and also appears regularly on Bloomberg and MSNBC shows including “Hardball with Chris Matthews”, “Morning Joe” and “With All Due to Respect”.

While no more details about her parents and early life are acknowledged, Kasie tweeted in 2015 September, that she was brought up in Wayne, Pennsylvania. She was born to mother Krista Hunt and father Bruce Hunt.
Kasie has a younger sister named Carly Hunt who is a former golfer. Her parents have always been supportive of her career choice.

Kasie Hunt is 31 years old at present and has worked for almost 10 years in the journalism world. Although Kasie Hunt has hushed the information about her salary and net worth, the young & hardworking reporter is expected to receive pretty attractive salary and own a huge net worth.

Name Kasie Hunt
Profession TV Personality
Gender Female