Kari Byron, an American TV host and artist, has been presenting herself strongly in the world of reality-based science TV shows. She is well-known for hosting TV series, including Mythbusters, and White Rabbit Project.

Early life details

Kari Elizabeth Byron Urich was born as Kari Byron in Los Gato, California on December 18, 1974. She went to San Francisco State University and graduated with a degree in film and sculpture in 1998. After graduating, she started off her career as an artist, specializing in sculpture.

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She even held successful exhibitions in San Francisco’s leading galleries. She continued sculpting and also did some odd jobs. She soon landed into the field of model-making and toy-prototyping, which led her to make a spot in Jamie Hyneman at M5 Industries in 2002.

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Her journey in Mythbusters

During the initial phase of the show, Mythbusters, Kari worked behind the camera, where she helped build some of the equipment that would be used in the episodes. Gradually, with the first season going on along with Kari other members of M5 Industries started making appearances.

With its second season, three crew members were teamed and named Build Team: Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara. Along with love, the show was also receiving criticism as some viewers believed that it was not entirely scientific in its approach.

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In the show, they would try recreating the scenario of myth, mostly with Jamie and Adam, or another member of Build Team and compete to see who would be more accurate in recreating the scene. If it did not go right then, they would keep making tests until it exploded.

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Several accidents took place throughout the show. Despite some controversies, the show garnered immense popularity and even worked with former president, Barack Obama, where they tested a myth about an old laser cannon. While she was working in the show, she took her passion: Sculpture alongside. However, after the show’s popularity, she stopped organizing public exhibition.

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She was the regular member of the show from season 1 to season 12. But in August 2014, the news of show re-formatting was announced and along with Tory she was also fired from the show due to salary disagreement. It was also revealed that Build Team wouldn’t appear in the show. The show ran two more seasons without them before its cancellation.

Besides, she has also hosted her show, Head Rush on the Science Channel, Large, and Dangerous Rocket Ships.

What is she doing now?

In 2012, Tory and Kari were in an episode of Discovery channels, Sons of Guns, which was about custom firearms manufacturers. She and Tory also covered an annual event of, Pumpkin Chunkin from 2011-2014. She and Tory has also hosted the TV show, Thrill factor. As of now, Kari and Tory hosts the Netflix series, White Rabbit Project. The show premiered on December 9, 2016.

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Apart from her several  TV appearances, she continues to focus on sculpting and often posts her creations on Instagram. More recently, she has also tried her hand in authoring a book. She published the book,Crash Test Girl on May 8, 2018. Throughout her successful career, she has been able to bag some decent cash. As of 2018, she has a net worth of $1.5 million.

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Married with a child!

Kari is married to artist husband, Paul Urich. The couple tied the knot on March 2006. They together share a daughter, Stella Ruby, who was born on June 28, 2009. The family of three have been leading a blissful life.

Kari Byron with her daughter Stella Ruby

Kari prefers keeping her personal details low key. As seen on her social sites, she updates her fans only about her work.

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Kari Elizabeth Byron Urich is an American TV host best known for her role in the Discovery series, MythBusters.

She was born on December 18, 1974, in California and graduated from Los Gatos High School.

She graduated magna cum laude in May 1998 from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts in film and sculpture.

She was a regular cast member of ‘MythBusters’ from Season 1 to Season 12.

She was a member of the The Build Team along with Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara.

She, along with Tory and Grant, was fired from the show in August 2014, reportedly because of salary disagreement.

Kari hosted her own show called Head Rush on the Science Channel from 2010 to 2011.

She and Tory covered the annual event of Pumpkin Chunkin from 2011 to 2014 and hosted the show, Thrill Factor.

Kari, Tory and Grant currently host the Netflix series, White Rabbit Project, which premiered on Netflix, on December 9, 2016.

She is active on Instagram where she often posts behind the scenes pictures with her co-hosts.

An artist, who focuses on sculpting, she often posts her creations on Instagram.

She has been married to artist Paul Urich since March 2006, and the couple welcomed a daughter, Stella Ruby on June 28, 2009.

From her long television career, she has accumulated an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.


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