Kamal Givens came to the spotlight as Chance. But, the rapper was first discovered by VH1 producers through the MySpace page. What’s more, Givens gained a massive boost to his career from VH1 reality tv shows.

In 2007, Kamal appeared in the reality show I love New York. But, the reality star didn’t win the show. Moreover, Chance became the runner-up of I Love New York.

How Old is Kamal Givens, aka Chance? Age, bio, and more

As of March 25, 2021, Kamal Givens turned 40 years old. What’s more, Kamal was born on March 25, 1981. Similarly, he was born in Los Angeles, California, USA. As such, Chance holds an American nationality. Similarly, he belongs to the Afro-American ethnicity.

Kamal Givens was posing for a picture
Kamal Givens was posing for a picture. Source: Instagram

Givens was born to Robert Givens and his wife, Claudia Givens. Moreover, the duo raised their kids in LA. Moreover, his parents owned a horse ranch. Aside from that, not much is known about his father and mother.

Chance had three siblings. What’s more, Kamal grew up as the middle child in the family. Furthermore, the name of his older brother is Ahmad Givens. Similarly, his younger brothers’ names are Sean Givens and Micah Givens.

Kamal started a rap group with his two younger brothers, Ahmad and Micah. What’s more, the brothers named the group The Stallionares in the early 2000s.

Ahmad died due to colon cancer

Ahmad Givens passed away on February 21, 2015, due to colon cancer. Moreover, Kamal’s brother was only 35 years old.

Is Kamal Givens Married?

No, the reality TV star Kamal Givens isn’t married yet. However, Givens does have a kid. Furthermore, Chance welcomed a daughter named Demi Givens.

Kamal Givens and Micah Givens posing for pictures
Kamal Givens and Micah Givens are posing for pictures. Source: Instagram

Kamal keeps his affairs hidden from the world. But, he came to fame from a dating reality TV show. Chance’s past affairs remain surrounded in mystery. And so, the names of his ex-girlfriends remain hidden.

Givens is currently dating Michelle. What’s more, Kamal and his girlfriend keep their relationship in a tight bind. Besides, the couple leads a life away from the mainstream media.

How Rich is Kamal Givens? How much net worth does Givens have?

Kamal Givens, aka Chance the Rapper, holds hundreds to thousands of dollars in his bank account. What’s more, Kamal owns an approximated net worth of $300k. Givens earned his wealth as a reality TV star and rapper.

Kamal Givens was riding on his horse
Kamal Givens was riding on his horse. Source: Instagram

Thanks to his wealth, Chance leads a life in luxury. Furthermore, the typical earnings from a reality TV show start at $1k per episode. However, the more famous a contestant, the higher the pay. Some reality TV stars earn up to $100k per episode.

The talented artist, Givens, owned multiple cars. Similarly, he owns a luxurious house. However, the details regarding his assets remain hidden from the world.

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