Julie Roginsky isn’t married. She welcomed a child in 2012. The Fox contributor has maintained a low profile, no authentic news has surfaced about the father of her son, her having a husband or being married, so far.

Information related to Julie’s professional life can be found, but a close look inside her personal life is quite hard. Julie Roginsky is a very private & confidential person when it comes to speaking about it. After all, private/love life has always been an interesting matter to talk about in the tabloids.

Julie Roginsky has a child but who is the father? Has she ever married or is she a divorcee? Don’t have any idea? No worries, we have some limited information to back it up. Let’s take a sneak peek inside her personal life.

Blessed with a son: Julie Roginsky faced criticism for having “love child”

Back in 2012, Julie created quite a scandal when she gave birth to her son named Zachary Peter Roginsky. As of 2016, this gorgeous personality is a single mother of a 4-year-old baby.

But since Julie has given her own surname to her son, then it is appropriate to say that she doesn’t have husband/boyfriend. In other words, it seems pretty clear: she doesn’t want any male involvement in the mother-son relation.

Seemingly there are people who are being over critical, that is because of our orthodox society that still believes a single unmarried mother is not something to be proud of.

She was even targeted in twitter. Below is the twitter post that got little too personal.

However, this hasn’t backed Julie down, as she has smacked her critics down ever a time in such a witty and humorous matter that the haters won’t even know what hit them.

Moreover, here is a video where Julie debate on late-term abortion.

Julie Roginsky not married yet, no husband: thoughts on being single parent

Who say you have to settle down or say get married to your loved ones to start a family. We are aware of the millions of people who think that way, but there are also a lot of people who think having husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend or getting married isn’t the way to start a family. On that notion, we came to know that Julie Roginsky shares the same thoughts.

Beautiful day ice skating in Central Park with my little guy.

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Julie Roginsky, a well-known name as an American television personality and American-Russian Democratic Party strategist, is a successful woman. Not only a thriving TV personality but Julie has also portrayed herself as a proud mother of her now-4-year-old son Zachary Peter Roginsky. Now you all might be wondering how a single lady has a child.

Well, the circumstances are quite interesting. Rightfully, she is single & seemingly there is no evidence of Julie being married to anyone & who is or was her husband. The question came along if she went the insemination process but there is no proof to that either.

Here we go. Join us for the next two hours on FoxNews.com for a commercial-free analysis of #supertuesday

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The woman is just awesome, she is a single mother, raising a son whose father is still a mystery to the world & also she doesn’t plan on settling down so far. As for now, she is utilizing her time to raise her son as well to garner more success career wise.

Although her son has been out of media eyes we can assume that she has been educating him with good moral and believes.

At last, with no denial, Julie Roginsky is an independent woman, who is enjoying singlehood & raising her son single-handedly, without any presence of a husband or boyfriend.