Julie Chen's graceful looks is attributed to plastic surgery

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Having been in the center of attraction for her impeccable dressing sense, there’ve been many to wonder about her age as of this 46 years old newswoman looks nothing like her age. 5 feet 4 inches tall CBS reporter’s well defined body can be attributed to her workouts and healthy diet.

In an interview with Shape, she said, “I work out six days a week. Three days a week, I work with my trainer doing CrossFit, two days a week doing yoga and one day a week Pilates. Sunday are my days off most of the time. Otherwise, it’s a treadmill and maybe some weights.”

She has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her eyes. It was during the late 1990s, she went under the surgeon’s scalpel to widen her eyes. Her broad and widened nose changed to sharp and a but narrowed edges sparked the rumors of her undergoing nose job too. However, official confirmation is yet to come for this procedure. Amid her strong denial, the rumors still exist. You can evidence the changes from her before and after surgery pictures.

After she underwent plastic surgery, her family separated from her citing the reason that she tried to remove Chinese ascent. But apparently, it was just her efforts to stay competent on the challenging arena, because graceful appearance is required the most to remain in American televisions.

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