Julie Chen had surgery to get the face she has right now. Standing at a height of 5’4″, she has perfect slim body measurements but what hindered her appearance on screen? Find out.

Julie Chen got plastic surgery to fit in

Julie Chen was time and again made feel inferior because of her Chinese appearance. She experienced it for the first time while working at a local news station in Ohio. Chen had put forth a suggestion of filling in for some of her colleagues from the anchor desk in their absence.

The comments left her heart broken. She was told that her eyes could possibly leave the audience bored and that she was not relatable to the community she was serving. In a nutshell, she was told she could never be an anchor because she was Chinese!

Julie Chen plastic surgery before and after

Julie Chen’s early age biography!

Even after her work in different news channels, the comments on her appearance were still similar. It was her agent who suggested her to widen her eyes through surgery, as it had become too difficult for him to find the type of work she was looking for. After she was convinced of going through a surgery, she had to convince her family. Her family threatened to disown her if she got it done.

Julie finally got it done and her eyes look beautiful on camera today. Chen explains having her eyes widened doesn’t make her less Chinese and she’s proud of her heritage. Many presume that she has undergone a nose job too looking at her now and then pictures but no confirmation has been made from Julie’s side.

Julie Chen body measurement & health secrets 

At age 47, Julie Chen constantly look ageless in her appearances in shows. The tall CBS reporter’s well-defined body can be attributed to her workouts and healthy diet. She works out six days a week, Sundays are her off days or mainly light exercise days.

Julie Chen is standing tall in her long heels. She is looking beautiful as she smiles. Julie is wearing a white off shoulder t-shirt paired with a long avocado green skirt.

Julie Chen’s has a picture-perfect family! Have a look at her relationship story.

Julie works with her trainer and does Crossfit three days a week, and yoga and pilates the remaining days. She has a body measurement of 35-25-35 inches. She is beautiful both with and without makeup.