Julia Lazar Franco was a late singer. Further, she rose to fame by being the lead singer of a rock band called Exit. Not only that, but she was also a manager, camera operator, and publicist.

Be with us to know the personal and private life of Late Julia. In this article, you can find the age, bios, family, husband, net worth, death, and more. Let’s start with Franco’s early life and bio!

Who is Julia Lazar Franco? Find her Age, Family, and Education

Julia Lazar Franco was born under the birth sign of Scorpio on 7th November 1957. Besides, she was born in Vienna, Austria, and moved to America in the 1980s. Likewise, she had dual citizenship in Austria and the USA. Moreover, Julia is of white ethnicity.

Julia Lazar Franco with her husband and their friends
Julia Lazar Franco with her husband and their friends
Source: Facebook

Aside from that, she was born to her parents as a single child. Her father’s name is Imre Lazar, a movie director, and her mother’s name is Marika Nagy, an artist.

Julia studied Painting and Life Drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Austria. Moreover, she also studied fashion at Hetzendorf Modeschule for a short time. Besides, she also looks at the Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute.

Who is Julia Lazar Franco Married to?

Julia Lazar was a married woman. She married her long-time boyfriend Tom Franco, an American actor, artist, and the founder of the Firehouse Art Collective. their wedding took place in a hospital because Lazar was seriously ill at the time.

Julia Lazar Franco was married to Tom Franco on 28th July 2014
Julia Lazar Franco was married to Tom Franco on 28th July 2014
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In addition, they tied the knot on 28th July 2014. However, the couple first met in 2003, started dating in 2004, and engaged separately. But, the couple didn’t share any children.

Furthermore, in her past relationship, she was in a relationship with Richard Schönherz. As a result, they share a daughter. What’s more, the name of her daughter is Dawn Schönherz-Rigoni.

How much is the Net worth of Julia Lazar Franco?

The late Julia managed an excellent sum of money throughout her career before her death. Her net worth is estimated to be in the $1 million range.

Lead singer of Exit, Julia posing in her kitchen
Lead singer of Exit, Julia posing in her kitchen
Source: Facebook

In other words, she earns her income through her career as a singer. Further, she is also a yoga teacher, founder & director of the company named 23Monkeytree. Salary.com says a singer’s average salary in the US is $43,091, but the wage usually goes from $36,596 to $50,074.

On the other hand, her husband, Tom Franco, has a medium amount during his career. According to various sources, he holds a net value estimated at $500,000.

Julia Lazar Franco’s death

The lead singer of Exit Julia Lazar is not with us anymore. Additionally, she died at the hospital a month after her marriage on 24th August 2014. Moreover, she died due to a failure of her liver.

Julia Lazar and her husband posing for a photo shoot on their wedding day
Julia Lazar and her husband posing for a pciture on their wedding day
Source: Facebook

In other words, she had a chronic liver disease while she was a teenager, which caused her adult life to become complicated. After that, she suffered from Hepatitis C, liver failure, cirrhosis of the liver’s final stage, and liver cancer. She is reportedly suffering from kidney disease. And she took her last breath at the age of 57.

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