Judith Grey is presently engaged to former Fox 5 anchor Greg Kelly. They are getting married on November 12, 2017. She works as an advertising creative director and is also a columnist who has written for various websites.

Judith Grey short bio

Judith Grey was born in New York City, New York to Australian parents. She is a graduate of Columbia University and worked as an art director for a few companies in her early career. 

Greg Kelly is getting married to Judith Grey, he's sitting besides her as they look back for the camera

She joined New York City’s KBSP in July 2010 as a creative director. She worked there for over a year and then joined AGENCYSACKS & The Affluence Collaborative.

In November 2011, she became a contributing writer for The Daily Beast, where she wrote on topics such as political advertising. She has also written for Business Insider. She is presently a freelance Creative Director.

When is Greg Kelly getting married?

Grey is presently set to marry longtime boyfriend Greg Kelly. They are getting married on Sunday November 12! 

Grey has been engaged to Kelly since June 2017. 

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