Juan Williams and wife Susan Delise are married for nearly 5 decades and still, they are sharing same love affection towards each other. The couple has three children together.

Juan and Susan got married to beautiful wife Susan Delise on 1st December 1977. Juan has not shared any information about how he fell in love with wife Susan and how did he come to the decision of getting married to her? Considering her happy and blissful marriage life, it is believed that they must have gone on a date for a long time before making a decision to tie the knot in marital relation. Juan exchanged wedding vows with wife Susan in the year 1977.

Since then, both of them are spending happy moments together. They don’t seem to be going through separation and divorce as well in future.

Juan Williams has three children from being in a marital relation with wife Susan Delise. He has two sons and a daughter. His sons’ name is Antonio and Raffi and daughter name is Rae. Both of his sons are linked with the political world. One of his son named Raffi is currently working as deputy press secretary for ‘Republican National Committee’. While his other son Tony has also served as a legislative correspondent for the Republican Senator ‘Norm Coleman’.

Juan Williams is a famous media personality who is best known for his work association with Fox News Channel. He is working in journalism field since a long time. Through dedicating many years in the journalism field, he has been awarded many awards like ‘Front Page Award’, ‘Emmy Award’ and ‘Political Commentary Award’.

Renowned journalist, Juan Williams is currently spending the splendid moment with wife Susan and three children and has set an example how to keep balance in both personal and professional to all his fellow colleagues and other people.