Joshua Brown aka Bam Bam Brown is a reality star best known for appearing in Discovery’s ‘Alaskan Bush People.’

The show revolves around the life of the Brown family who live in the wilderness of Hoonah and Chichago Island in Alaska.

He was born as the second oldest child of Ami Brown and Billy Brown on September 18, 1984. 

He grew up hunting and tracking and also spent time in the family boat where he was a deck boss. 

He left the family homestead during season 6 with his girlfriend, Allison Kagan, a producer of ‘Alaskan Bush People.’

Together, they run a vintage ferry boat and are working on the renovation themselves. 

He returned to his family after his mother and the family matriarch, Ami, was diagnosed with cancer in 2017.

In 2016, he and his father, pleaded guilty to swindling money from the state fund, while they were living elsewhere. 

They had left Alaska for years at a time prior to the airing of ‘Alaskan Bush People.’

Joshua is set to appear in the eighth season of the show in 2018.